Tuesday, May 24, 2005

contemplation of burnt popcorn

i don't know anyone who can make jiffy pop popcorn without burning it. i think that may be my favorite part. i remember when there were -no- microwaves. back when we used to go hunting each november and we would do our school work at the camper table that converted to a bed that tom and i slept on at night. who really cares that no one shot any thing. i loved being out in the woods. too bad i didn't realize then how cool it was. i can always remember though, sitting around the fire in the fold out aluminum chairs until your butt got too cold to feel and you had to get up and point it towards the fire. playing with fire, toasting the 'perfect' marshmallow (whether that meaning it's charred and black or lightly golden brown) mom lighting the fire with gasoline, and trying to light it without (that only worked 1 time), dad always being able to make a gigantic fire with nothing but a few matches and the wood that was hanging around. i miss hunting, i miss mar dons, i miss being a kid. this responsibility thing really gets you down sometimes.

i also don't know how people survive without their families. i don't know what i would do without my dad and my brothers around. i would do anything for my brothers and they would do anything for me. last night i found out that i had a cousin that is 48 years old that i never met. my aunt beverly had a baby when she was 14 that was adopted. her name is pam. dad said that pam had a drinking problem, but that was really no surprise as it runs in the family. dad said that was too bad, if she had known about it maybe she could have avoided alcohol. i hope that she is nice. too bad that beverly won't get to meet her, it was more important to kill herself slowly with the alcohol and cigarettes than it was to be here for her children.

Friday, May 20, 2005


so i didn't get a chance to write anything yesterday. i was way too busy at work and didn't have a chance for my break. too many stupid people, too little time. the good news is that i was the one doing the 'almost running over' yesterday. who 'da thunk even the smallest car in the world has a blind spot. (i did get almost run over by a big white limo on wednsday though)

yesterday we had chinese new year pot roast for dinner. it wasn't my favorite. don't think i'll make it again. try another recipe in the crock pot book though.

i got a lot done at work today, my desk looks relatively clean (only 2 files not counting the ones on the floor) just don't look in the computer. have 2 important quotes to do on monday and a big stack of mail, but still pretty good.

dad was supposed to go look at a boat earlier this week but i don't think the guy called him back as dad wasn't able to make it on monday like they agreed.

some people broke into my aunts house while she was on vacation. they took a lot of stuff ( $15,000 in tools and jewelry) and my dumb ass uncle that lives 2 doors down didn't even call the cops when he went to water the plants and saw the house all screwed up and the garage doors open. just called and left a message on my aunt's cell, that she couldn't use while on vacation, thus the reason that they left the phone number of the place they are staying at on the counter where he could find it. dumb ass. and he's the one who thinks he knows everything. dick. they did catch one of the people though, trying to cash a check at one of those ghetto check cashing places in town. the guy they caught said that it was just him, yeah right! he's been arrested for burglary before. we only hope that he grasses up everyone else.

the husband cleaned the living room last night. looks really good. after work i get to go home and watch coronation st and knit in a hopefully still clean (we'll see what the dogs have done) living room.

mmm cherry jolly ranchers are good.

hey, what are adults who don't drink supposed to do for fun? i still have no idea, even after being an 'adult' for almost 10 years. do you know?

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

pretty cool

I Know A Blog That Gets On Everybody's Nerves (formerly known as "Arf Arf Arf")

i think that this guy thinks like i do :] arn't the sheep cute!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

dogs and ninjas

seems like i just cant get out of bed the last few days. i layed there and listened to a good 20 minutes of commercials before i coerced myself out this morning. it just might be the 3 nice warm fuzzy bodies in their proper places (between my legs, next to my left knee and against my back) keeping me warm that isn't helping. those dogs...

it was kinda funny this morning, i got up got dressed and decided to knit and watch tv in the bedroom sitting on the bed. baily decided that she was going to play and grabbed a pair of underpants and took off, i yelled at her that underpants weren't a toy and to go get a toy, and she picked up thumper (yes disney thumper, a present from aunty kate) in the living room and decided that it was fun to run from the living room jump on the bed next to nezzy jump right back off and run into the living room, repeat, 7+ times later i shoved nez and said she wants to play - go play with her. then baily decided that chasing nez around the house with thumper in her mouth growling was the next fun thing to do. nezzy likes to be chased, just not caught.

wasn't run over on the way to work. an amazing day!

got here and still can't concentrate on anything. tried eating something spicy (which woke me up yesterday) and that didn't work. didn't bring anything for lunch so i've survived on the spicy cheez-its and mint-dark chocolate treasures and jolly ranchers (who came up with that name??) in my drawers here at work. caffeine in the diet cherry pepsi i brought this afternoon worked though :]

dad called at lunchtime and said that he stopped by the house and edged the yard but didn't pick up any of the crap. he's a good dad. wish i had another one just like him. but the brothers will do.

sounds like stacia from purlygirls and i will be knitting at 3rd place books tonight from 7:30 until whenever. cool. i'll get some more of my boob tube done. 220 stitches is a lot by the way. and my gauge is off. now i'm just hoping that it's not going to be too big, instead of not fitting like i thought before.

wouldn't you know it, i wanted to leave you with a weird question for today but can't remember any from the drive in this morning. so i'll tell you why i would make a bad ninja

i noticed a few years ago that my toes had begun to pop when i walked. so one day i mentioned to tommy (little brother) that i wouldn't make a very good ninja. he, of course, asked why. i told him that i would have to go into early retirement as my toes popped when i walked, either that or the popping would have inevitably started during a night stalking mission and i would be dead. he, of course gave me this look like i was insane and dad was just cracking up. you'll also start to notice that i think a lot of weird things, usually in the car as driving, chewing gum and listening to the radio just arn't enough for my brain. maybe i'll tell you about my resteraunt idea tomorrow.

Monday, May 16, 2005

mostly knitting

hooray! i finished my green cotton socks sunday night, and it turns out that the cotton i got is great to knit with and i will be knitting with it again. just don't know what yet, it's going in the spare yarn bins under the guest room bed. it's a great color. one day i'll take the time to get photos up on here, until then you have to come to purly girls or seattle stitch and bitch to see them, or maybe spy me on the street somewhere (i'll be the one in the bright green socks).

so, i really should be finishing my aunt's fuzzy feet, or starting on my mothers mothers day socks, or finishing psychedelic squares afghan or finishing the other 2 bumble bee dog sweaters or maybe even getting some tatting done. but what did i do? bought yarn for annother project. something for me of course. it's the totally tubular boob tube from s n' b nation, which i'm sure will make me look like sausage meat stuffed into sausage casing when i'm done but if i get up and go work out and loose some weight maybe it won't be so bad. i allready have a jean jacket that's too small in the arms that i need to loose weight for and that hasn't inspired me enough either.

i'm gonna go make some pop corn. i like this pop corn, i got 5 un-popped kernels. it's the pop secret homestyle small bag. tastes like it's even got real butter on it.

ran to main street yarn in mill creek at lunch to get the right length needles (or so i think) so i can start my boob tube knitting with the purly girls tonight. i wonder what george will eat for dinner.

oh, and this is my question. no one ever talked about this or taught anyone about it in school but there is a certain age at which you just stop asking people to be your friend. why do we stop doing that? i've met some cool people recently and, well, how the hell do you ask someone to be your friend after you've turned 11?? or are we all stuck with our high school friends or work colleagues untill we are dead. if so i might just off myself as my only high school friend left is on my last nerve.

ps, yesterday it was a copper suv and a honda civic lx. i was told to get a camera phone and start taking pictures of the license plates and post them up. sounds like a good idea to me, and since i need a new cell phone it's a good excuse to get one with a camera. haven't had an attempt today although i'm sure it will happen tonight.

pps i love watching rally with my brothers. www.demonrally.com

Saturday, May 14, 2005

kill the computer already.

slept in until about 11:30, which was pretty nice. i needed some sleep. haven't really been feeling great this week so i think that it helped to sleep in this morning.

did some vacuuming with my new dyson. did i mention that i love this vacuum? there was a lot more dirt in the carpet than i thought but now there is a lot less spare dog hair around the house. currently also cleaning some accidents out of the rug.

stripped some paint off the inside of one of the kitchen cabinets and the edge of the front door. i am crossing my fingers that the door will close better now that the 4 coats of paint are almost gone. slamming the door gets old after a while.

does anyone else out there have a husband that will not get off the computer? i mean he works on the computer and talks on the phone all day and makes the excuse that he doesn't want to talk to me on my way home because he's been talking on the phone all day. he even ignored some friends that came over last night because he was playing games with other people on the internet. it was a rule a while ago that i came before the computer and that he didn't play games with other people. might be time to re-inact the rule, or maybe i should just spend another night out of the house during the week. i already spend monday and wednsday out of the house at knitting, maybe i need to add thursday and wait for him to make a comment. which he won't. oh! and at around 5 i asked if he wanted to go out and do something, it's now 8:27 still haven't left the house. i keep getting 'in a little while' i'm gonna in a little while him. grrr....

Friday, May 13, 2005

you'll start to notice the pattern

i'm pretty tired this morning. i woke up and re-set my 'alarm' for 15 more minutes, it turned out to be the clock that i re-set. ugh...

i had to remember to bring tar-heel been seeds to mom at work before i got to work. i was concentrating so hard on remembering them i forgot my lunch, so i went to qfc and picked up some better-day sandwiches (grilled chicken pesto paninni) one for breakfast one for lunch, some spicy cheez-its, dark chocolate mint treasures and jolly ranchers.

stern has been pretty funny this morning, so far it's been a history of how he got into radio.

last night was pretty fun. laurel and anne were there and le was there le brought her friend dana and wendy from purlygirls showed up. the salad i had was pretty good and i turned the heel on green sock #2. laurel worked on a sweater for tess, anne worked on her practice piece, le worked on a cowl-thingey for her daughter megan (her friend dana didn't bring anything to work on) and wendy worked on her sock and her brown brown sheep sweater.

oh, and on the way home a ford taurus decided to take a right in front of me, i had the green light. i honked my horn and gave them the finger while swerving around them.

just watered the pansy on my desk as it was all weepy and it has been pretty cool watching it come back to life and move around.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

this morning started out with the life flight helicopter landing in the schoolyard across the street from me. at least this time they didn't take the guy out drag him to the awaiting ambulance just to pull him out of the ambulance to shove him back in the helicopter and take off again. they were still there when i left at 9:20. i forgot my sweater though, the dogs have probably made a great bed out of it for the day.

drive to work wasn't too bad. someone tried to run me over (you'll start to see a pattern) this time it was an electric blue mitsubishi. i love people who don't check their blind spots for teeny tiny black cars. i even had my lights on.

picked up work mail and made my way to work via the juice place and had them take the mangos out of the smoothie this time. didn't help the flavor much. next time i will get one of the ones that sound nice other than the banana part and have them take out the banana's. god i hate the taste of ripe bananas.

got to work. the boss is gone until the end of the month. yay! and except for the fact that i'm stuck with the peppiest, most cheerful woman to work with in the world *sarcasm* *sarcasm* i'd be okay. if i hear 'i wouldn't have done it that way' more than once a day my head will most certainly explode.

will be going to 3rd place books tonight to knit with laurel and anne and maybe le. who are my old co-workers at fairhaven. maybe someone from purlygirls or seattle stitch n bitch will show up, but i doubt it.

started aunt carolyn's fuzzy feet at lunch (1st slipper cuff done) and have the heel flap almost done on the 2nd green cotton sock, now to turn the heel. i don't like to knit the contrast color i chose which is a multi green color, i do like the main green yarn. was pretty cheap and only takes a skein per sock with a 4 1/2 inc cuff with the lace pattern inserts on the sides. i'll start mom's socks after the green ones are done.

i am still amazed that they hand out drivers licenses to just about anyone.

day 1, now what

hmmm. this should be interesting.