Tuesday, May 17, 2005

dogs and ninjas

seems like i just cant get out of bed the last few days. i layed there and listened to a good 20 minutes of commercials before i coerced myself out this morning. it just might be the 3 nice warm fuzzy bodies in their proper places (between my legs, next to my left knee and against my back) keeping me warm that isn't helping. those dogs...

it was kinda funny this morning, i got up got dressed and decided to knit and watch tv in the bedroom sitting on the bed. baily decided that she was going to play and grabbed a pair of underpants and took off, i yelled at her that underpants weren't a toy and to go get a toy, and she picked up thumper (yes disney thumper, a present from aunty kate) in the living room and decided that it was fun to run from the living room jump on the bed next to nezzy jump right back off and run into the living room, repeat, 7+ times later i shoved nez and said she wants to play - go play with her. then baily decided that chasing nez around the house with thumper in her mouth growling was the next fun thing to do. nezzy likes to be chased, just not caught.

wasn't run over on the way to work. an amazing day!

got here and still can't concentrate on anything. tried eating something spicy (which woke me up yesterday) and that didn't work. didn't bring anything for lunch so i've survived on the spicy cheez-its and mint-dark chocolate treasures and jolly ranchers (who came up with that name??) in my drawers here at work. caffeine in the diet cherry pepsi i brought this afternoon worked though :]

dad called at lunchtime and said that he stopped by the house and edged the yard but didn't pick up any of the crap. he's a good dad. wish i had another one just like him. but the brothers will do.

sounds like stacia from purlygirls and i will be knitting at 3rd place books tonight from 7:30 until whenever. cool. i'll get some more of my boob tube done. 220 stitches is a lot by the way. and my gauge is off. now i'm just hoping that it's not going to be too big, instead of not fitting like i thought before.

wouldn't you know it, i wanted to leave you with a weird question for today but can't remember any from the drive in this morning. so i'll tell you why i would make a bad ninja

i noticed a few years ago that my toes had begun to pop when i walked. so one day i mentioned to tommy (little brother) that i wouldn't make a very good ninja. he, of course, asked why. i told him that i would have to go into early retirement as my toes popped when i walked, either that or the popping would have inevitably started during a night stalking mission and i would be dead. he, of course gave me this look like i was insane and dad was just cracking up. you'll also start to notice that i think a lot of weird things, usually in the car as driving, chewing gum and listening to the radio just arn't enough for my brain. maybe i'll tell you about my resteraunt idea tomorrow.


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