Saturday, May 14, 2005

kill the computer already.

slept in until about 11:30, which was pretty nice. i needed some sleep. haven't really been feeling great this week so i think that it helped to sleep in this morning.

did some vacuuming with my new dyson. did i mention that i love this vacuum? there was a lot more dirt in the carpet than i thought but now there is a lot less spare dog hair around the house. currently also cleaning some accidents out of the rug.

stripped some paint off the inside of one of the kitchen cabinets and the edge of the front door. i am crossing my fingers that the door will close better now that the 4 coats of paint are almost gone. slamming the door gets old after a while.

does anyone else out there have a husband that will not get off the computer? i mean he works on the computer and talks on the phone all day and makes the excuse that he doesn't want to talk to me on my way home because he's been talking on the phone all day. he even ignored some friends that came over last night because he was playing games with other people on the internet. it was a rule a while ago that i came before the computer and that he didn't play games with other people. might be time to re-inact the rule, or maybe i should just spend another night out of the house during the week. i already spend monday and wednsday out of the house at knitting, maybe i need to add thursday and wait for him to make a comment. which he won't. oh! and at around 5 i asked if he wanted to go out and do something, it's now 8:27 still haven't left the house. i keep getting 'in a little while' i'm gonna in a little while him. grrr....


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