Monday, May 16, 2005

mostly knitting

hooray! i finished my green cotton socks sunday night, and it turns out that the cotton i got is great to knit with and i will be knitting with it again. just don't know what yet, it's going in the spare yarn bins under the guest room bed. it's a great color. one day i'll take the time to get photos up on here, until then you have to come to purly girls or seattle stitch and bitch to see them, or maybe spy me on the street somewhere (i'll be the one in the bright green socks).

so, i really should be finishing my aunt's fuzzy feet, or starting on my mothers mothers day socks, or finishing psychedelic squares afghan or finishing the other 2 bumble bee dog sweaters or maybe even getting some tatting done. but what did i do? bought yarn for annother project. something for me of course. it's the totally tubular boob tube from s n' b nation, which i'm sure will make me look like sausage meat stuffed into sausage casing when i'm done but if i get up and go work out and loose some weight maybe it won't be so bad. i allready have a jean jacket that's too small in the arms that i need to loose weight for and that hasn't inspired me enough either.

i'm gonna go make some pop corn. i like this pop corn, i got 5 un-popped kernels. it's the pop secret homestyle small bag. tastes like it's even got real butter on it.

ran to main street yarn in mill creek at lunch to get the right length needles (or so i think) so i can start my boob tube knitting with the purly girls tonight. i wonder what george will eat for dinner.

oh, and this is my question. no one ever talked about this or taught anyone about it in school but there is a certain age at which you just stop asking people to be your friend. why do we stop doing that? i've met some cool people recently and, well, how the hell do you ask someone to be your friend after you've turned 11?? or are we all stuck with our high school friends or work colleagues untill we are dead. if so i might just off myself as my only high school friend left is on my last nerve.

ps, yesterday it was a copper suv and a honda civic lx. i was told to get a camera phone and start taking pictures of the license plates and post them up. sounds like a good idea to me, and since i need a new cell phone it's a good excuse to get one with a camera. haven't had an attempt today although i'm sure it will happen tonight.

pps i love watching rally with my brothers.


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