Friday, May 20, 2005


so i didn't get a chance to write anything yesterday. i was way too busy at work and didn't have a chance for my break. too many stupid people, too little time. the good news is that i was the one doing the 'almost running over' yesterday. who 'da thunk even the smallest car in the world has a blind spot. (i did get almost run over by a big white limo on wednsday though)

yesterday we had chinese new year pot roast for dinner. it wasn't my favorite. don't think i'll make it again. try another recipe in the crock pot book though.

i got a lot done at work today, my desk looks relatively clean (only 2 files not counting the ones on the floor) just don't look in the computer. have 2 important quotes to do on monday and a big stack of mail, but still pretty good.

dad was supposed to go look at a boat earlier this week but i don't think the guy called him back as dad wasn't able to make it on monday like they agreed.

some people broke into my aunts house while she was on vacation. they took a lot of stuff ( $15,000 in tools and jewelry) and my dumb ass uncle that lives 2 doors down didn't even call the cops when he went to water the plants and saw the house all screwed up and the garage doors open. just called and left a message on my aunt's cell, that she couldn't use while on vacation, thus the reason that they left the phone number of the place they are staying at on the counter where he could find it. dumb ass. and he's the one who thinks he knows everything. dick. they did catch one of the people though, trying to cash a check at one of those ghetto check cashing places in town. the guy they caught said that it was just him, yeah right! he's been arrested for burglary before. we only hope that he grasses up everyone else.

the husband cleaned the living room last night. looks really good. after work i get to go home and watch coronation st and knit in a hopefully still clean (we'll see what the dogs have done) living room.

mmm cherry jolly ranchers are good.

hey, what are adults who don't drink supposed to do for fun? i still have no idea, even after being an 'adult' for almost 10 years. do you know?


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