Thursday, May 12, 2005

this morning started out with the life flight helicopter landing in the schoolyard across the street from me. at least this time they didn't take the guy out drag him to the awaiting ambulance just to pull him out of the ambulance to shove him back in the helicopter and take off again. they were still there when i left at 9:20. i forgot my sweater though, the dogs have probably made a great bed out of it for the day.

drive to work wasn't too bad. someone tried to run me over (you'll start to see a pattern) this time it was an electric blue mitsubishi. i love people who don't check their blind spots for teeny tiny black cars. i even had my lights on.

picked up work mail and made my way to work via the juice place and had them take the mangos out of the smoothie this time. didn't help the flavor much. next time i will get one of the ones that sound nice other than the banana part and have them take out the banana's. god i hate the taste of ripe bananas.

got to work. the boss is gone until the end of the month. yay! and except for the fact that i'm stuck with the peppiest, most cheerful woman to work with in the world *sarcasm* *sarcasm* i'd be okay. if i hear 'i wouldn't have done it that way' more than once a day my head will most certainly explode.

will be going to 3rd place books tonight to knit with laurel and anne and maybe le. who are my old co-workers at fairhaven. maybe someone from purlygirls or seattle stitch n bitch will show up, but i doubt it.

started aunt carolyn's fuzzy feet at lunch (1st slipper cuff done) and have the heel flap almost done on the 2nd green cotton sock, now to turn the heel. i don't like to knit the contrast color i chose which is a multi green color, i do like the main green yarn. was pretty cheap and only takes a skein per sock with a 4 1/2 inc cuff with the lace pattern inserts on the sides. i'll start mom's socks after the green ones are done.

i am still amazed that they hand out drivers licenses to just about anyone.


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