Friday, May 13, 2005

you'll start to notice the pattern

i'm pretty tired this morning. i woke up and re-set my 'alarm' for 15 more minutes, it turned out to be the clock that i re-set. ugh...

i had to remember to bring tar-heel been seeds to mom at work before i got to work. i was concentrating so hard on remembering them i forgot my lunch, so i went to qfc and picked up some better-day sandwiches (grilled chicken pesto paninni) one for breakfast one for lunch, some spicy cheez-its, dark chocolate mint treasures and jolly ranchers.

stern has been pretty funny this morning, so far it's been a history of how he got into radio.

last night was pretty fun. laurel and anne were there and le was there le brought her friend dana and wendy from purlygirls showed up. the salad i had was pretty good and i turned the heel on green sock #2. laurel worked on a sweater for tess, anne worked on her practice piece, le worked on a cowl-thingey for her daughter megan (her friend dana didn't bring anything to work on) and wendy worked on her sock and her brown brown sheep sweater.

oh, and on the way home a ford taurus decided to take a right in front of me, i had the green light. i honked my horn and gave them the finger while swerving around them.

just watered the pansy on my desk as it was all weepy and it has been pretty cool watching it come back to life and move around.


Blogger Wendy said...

Suzy I like your blog! I will have to add it to my daily reading.

Fri May 13, 08:59:00 PM 2005  

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