Thursday, June 30, 2005

we haven't spoken since monday! i really need to get back on the ball! i had a dr's appointment on wednsday morning, the pathology was back on barry, turns out that he was an ingrown hair that had formed some sebaceous cysts due to it being ingrown for so long which makes it kind of makes it ironic that barry rhymes with hairy. yes i am gross. and insane. oh, and weird.

for those who read that go to the knitting groups that i go to, i finished sewing up the psychedelic squares afghan this morning! turns out to be a lot bigger than what i thought it was going to be due to the stretch of the cotton. looks like i will be doing a random colored i cord trim. it was funny, last night at knitting jessica said that i should write up the revisions i have in my head to make the afghan less work by knitting 4 squares together. really, it's not that hard, just cast on enough for 4 squares, marking where they would normally be sewn together, join, follow the directions. would have to be done on magic loop or some such as the square would get smaller and smaller. you could even have the colors change via intarsia if that's what you wanted to do. my next psychedelic afghan will not be quite so psychedelic as it will only be black and red, i'm still mulling over whether to change the stripe sequence on the squares or just make them like square bull's eyes. hopefully i'm making sense, i am in my head anyway.

i haven't told george but i get half of friday off. i love time in our house alone. i will be sleeping or knitting.

for crap sake, while i was writing this entry earlier today one of the beams here at work started creaking. we are on the bottom of a 3 story building built in the 60s and made of cement blocks. we thought that the building was going to fall down around our ears so we all went outside for about 45 minutes untill a structural engineer and the building manager got here. we later found out that the people on the 3rd floor were moving out and they had a -ton- of crap up there and that the beam was probably creaking due to the pressure being lifted off of it or put on it in order to get everything out the door. at least i got out in the sunshine today without being stuck in my car in traffic. (which will happen in about 1/2 an hour) moms birthday is today and i have to drive to shoreline to the mongolian grill on 220th for dinner. at least they have peanut sauce.

Monday, June 27, 2005

raw sewage and the incision (no queasy tummy's)

for those of you who have hung on through the gross stuff here's some more...

so after george's hour shower sunday morning we found out that the basment had flooded. again. the work that the city did should have fixed this problem. i guess not. btw, sunday was the day that i got to take the bandage off my armpit and take a shower after 3 days no showering. i woke up before george but decided to go back to sleep, he got in the shower 1st = no shower for me. i was pretty torqued. luckily the seattle neighbors (they are the good ones in the green house) said that i could use their shower, insisted actually, not because i was smelly i just looked so miserable! (he was right) i went and tood a shower at their house and by the time i got out the city was there, proudly stating that it wasn't their issue this time. for fuck sake. so i called around, found a drain snake for a reasonable price and george went to pick it up. while george was un-plugging the drain i was (sew, sew,) sewing my afghan together and i will be done with attaching all of the squares together in sets of four, now comes the big sewing project. (btw, it's not that awful sewing them together) after all of the hubub i decided to check on my incision, looked okay to me, sew some more squares together, go to bed. wake up in the morning (this morning) and -tada- bloody armpit. granted not that much blood but there wasn't supposed to be any. checked the incision, not a stitch left. good thing i have a dr's appointment this morning. went to the doctors (after dropping off the drain snake) she put one stitch back in which closed the bottom of the incision and said she couldn't do much about the open part at the top as it had been open too long. now, this is a quote from my doctor 'just neosporin the bejesus out of it and wash with soap and water every day, i'll see you in a few days'. i love my doctor. going to purlygirls tonight to sew some more afghan, don't really want to knit anything, still kind of in a drug haze.

more tomorrow i'm sure!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

ugh, i'm gonna throw up.

i like this green color against the black. looks cool and is pretty easy to read.

so barry was served with his eviction this morning. he has sucessfully (i hope) moved out of my armpit and off to pathology to find out what the fuck was going on. i have this huge bandage on my armpit (at least it feels huge) and when the anithetic was still there i thought that i could handle this, no big deal not hurting at all. but then the anithetic wore off JESUS FUCK!!! i found out really quickly that taking an inch long by 1/4 inch wide and 1/4 inch deep section out of your armpit is not fun. i think that tatooing my nipples may have been more pleasant. i took 3 advil right away. not even a dent in the pain meeter. i called the doctor and am now on some killer pain meds. although after the spaghetti i at at 3 i'm feeling like i'm giong to throw the hell up. note to self, do not eat greasy spaghetti after taking vikadin.

i'm gonna go and lay down.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

i've been listening to english radio today. it's funny how popular songs stick around for so long there. it seems like if you hit number 1 you are guaranteed a spot on the radio for the next 10 years. right now they are playing elton john. granted it is like 1:30 in the morning there. we might be going to england this winter, mostly so that george can see his nan, probably for the last time. she's in the hospital right now with heart trouble.

it has rained all day today. rain is wonderful, makes me not so sneezy. or maybe it's the allegra.

i'm really tired right now. i'm having a lunch coma. tom (little brother) came to see me during lunch time and we went and had mexican food at azteca so technicaly it's a buritto coma. i wonder if burrito has anything to do with burro's maybe they were originally made with burro meat. eewwww.

i've been in contemplation of what to knit next all day today as i am going to the skeins ltd going out of business sale. i can't decide if i want to knit the nerdy math blanket found here: or mariah found here: or maybe the neat teal wrap sweater found in s n' b nation. right now i don't think that i could knit anything for me so i am leaning towards the blanket. i want to loose some weight and i would hate to make something for myself and then not be able to wear it due to the weight loss or make something and have it be too small and not fit and then i never loose weight and there goes 80$ and all that work on something that just gets tossed in a drawer or in the closet.

dear god. now the english radio station is playing more 80's songs. it's one that george likes but i don't know the name of it. george knew. it's by pulp it's called disco 2000.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

the weekend of the escapees

after going to the doctor on friday afternoon and giving barry his eviction notice ( he will be evicted on thursday the 23rd at 8am) i went to staicias to knit. i worked on the clap and got a few inches more done. it's going quite quickly but i don't like the color of the yarn now. it will probably go in the gift pile or be over-dyed black or something. maybe i'll make another one. it's easy enough. at knitting last night i finished aunt carolyn's 1st fuzzy foot and cast on for number 2. he ('like the pronoun' yes that is someone's name) got to see my tatting last night and asked me to bring some supplies to show her how i do it on wednsday. i should be started on grandma's snowflakes already so i said that i would bring it.

i'm hungry, brb.

due to the cancellation of dinner plans with stacia on saturday i was able to make it to the beagle rescue groups' walk around greenlake in seattle. it was a lot of fun. i had the most beagles and got to explain a lot on how awesome haltis and gentle leaders were. if i hadn't had them on cabby and nezzy i either would have been 1st around the lake or been pulled over several times. very nice weather and a really good walk. i didn't think it took all that long but we did stop for luvvies and explanations of the rescue group several times. cabby did really well considering his encounter at the everett dog park with the pitt/akita cross that bit him.

saturday afternoon we meandered up to the lake house to hang out and eat some dinner with the 'rents. when uncle chuck and elisa came to visit during the week they left the gate on the dock open, and suprise, nezzy found it and decided to take off on an adventure. thank god she came back when called, that was amazing, she never does that. then later, when dad was out mowing the lawn all three got out. we think the jumped off the dock onto the lower deck. bailey found dad and he let her back in the front door but the other two were gone by the time we got outside to look for them. so i started walking down the street yelling for cabby and nezzy and cabby came right away. nezzy decided she hadn't had enough evidently. so i kept walking and calling her and eventually she ended up coming out of the johnsons driveway. i'm surprised she didn't get kicked by one of their cows.

sunday was uneventful. we had make your own kabob-a-q with plain chicken, greek chicken, and beef (and soy chicken nuggets). the beef was bad but the greek chicken, like always, was great. that was because i made it. tom don alicia rob luci grandma b aunt carolyn uncle bud and the two fluffy-pups all showed up. ahhhh summer.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

-not- for the faint of heart (aka. this contains blood guts or other gross topics)

okay, so some bands are cool. this one, is just freaky. check the photos.
Shutter Happy i think one of them might be a cheetah?

so for a few years i've had a lump in my armpit, every once in a while it would hurt. i thought it wasn't a big deal. seemed like a zit that i couldn't pop. turns out it's a blocked gland and it decided to explode 2 months ago. and i really mean literally explode. 2 months back the lump, let's call it umm barry, so barry was bugging me and i went in the bathroom here at work to look at it and it looked like barry had spawned a friend about the size of a pea that looked like a blood blister higher up than where barry was (barry is about the size of a dime with the pore that is causing the problem darker and the size of a pin head directly below that). so, me being me, i pushed on it. and it literally exploded out the pin head hole. lots of white chunky gunk came out and a lot of blood. i'm talking like 1/8 cup total of gunk and blood. so needles to say i called the doctor and went right away. and like doctors always say, well barry is a gland that got blocked up and since he was too big or couldn't get out the way it got blocked up he exploded and then was able to get out. you have three options. 1 we can slice you open and look in at barry and say, why did we do that, we can't see anything and we would need to get every little piece out so he wouldn't grow back anyway, sew you back up and see if he went away on his own. 2 we can wait and see if you got enough material out so that barry doesn't grow back. 3 if he does grow back we can cut him out at that point in time. i said okay and left. feeling better but not thinking that i got my $25.00 out of it. leading up to yesterday when i was in the bathroom at work and pushed on barry's friend again and it did it again. so now i am going to the doctor again tomorrow to have them look at it again and pay them $25 for me to come back another time.


tissue please..

i'd like you all to observe a moment of silence for momma (er... maybe pappa?) leaf bug's marshmallow babies. i believe that one of the cleaning people saw them last night and scraped them to thier death. they are no longer on the window and all that remains is the sticky circles where they used to be.

i'm sad, i wanted to see them grow up and hatch.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

mj and the molestation.

oh, and just so you know, i don't care that michael jackson went free. yes, he is a feak-a-zoid but whatever.

i still think that the parents should be punished.

newman's own peppermint cups rock your fucking socks off!!


oh for fucks' sake!

why do people, unintentionally i'm sure, give me information and now i'm supposed to keep it a secret. or maybe i'm not. fuck fuck fuck. just so you all know. I AM NOT A GOOD SECRET KEEPER. i -will- tell people i know other than the person that's not supposed to know.

thirsty today, getting some water.

not even cheer up/happy day sandwich with a lemon drop pop (even the one with the cool drummeron the front) will make this one better. not even the $125.00 i got this morning. i should have gotten more chocolate when i went to the store this am.

on annother subject, i hope that stacias midwife appointment is going well today. i told her that if she was stuck on bedrest for the next 7 weeks in the hospital i would come and visit her every day. and i will, i just hope she dosn't have to be stuck in a hospital eating crappy hospital crap food. don't worry i'll be sneaking you good things if you have to stay at the hospital!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

i found this!

Your Linguistic Profile:

55% General American English
15% Upper Midwestern
15% Yankee
10% Midwestern
5% Dixie

What Kind of American English Do You Speak?
woah, first html. cool... i guess the sothern crap comes from my grandma winnie who is from west virginia.

marshmallows and rally

the marshmallow bug eggs are still on the window. i'm sure that no one else has noticed. i'm glad. too many people go around squishing things for no reason these days.

i don't know what the deal is but when i hear eating noises while i am eating, the slorping and sucking and lip smacking, it just puts me off. i make an effort not to eat with my mouth open but these days no one else seems to give a crap. is it just me boys and girls?

i don't think i've said how much my brothers kick ass in a while. so, here goes. my brothers kick ass. see them at i'm telling you they really kick ass. they kick so much ass you should sponsor the rally car. they need about a mil and a half for one of those AWD ones so lets get started!

i found some great spaghetti sauce that is decent right out of the jar (you don't have to add anything to fix it up like you have to with prego) it's the barilla brand sauces. even the vegetarian (tomato and basil) one is good. they have a veg one with mushrooms but i'm not about to try that shit. there is just something wrong with things that don't need oxygen and light to grow.

Monday, June 13, 2005

just love to torture myself!

went to andy and stacias for dinner and cards friday night. man that was cool! it's really nice to have local couple friends again. they are supposed to come over to our house on saturday for lnner (like brunch but lunch and dinner) i hope that george will get off his butt and fix the bbq by then and it will be nice enough to have it outside. the online weather says we will have thunder showers though, so we will see. i thought we might have to go north for aunt carolyns b-day but it looks like that is next weekend. seattle beagle rescue is walking around greenlake on saturday at 11, maybe lnner will be sunday instead. i'll talk with stacia tonight and see what she thinks.

woke up at 5 to be ready at 5:30 for dad to pick me up to go to e-wa for paul's graduation at central. thier key speaker was a very well educated black woman and, well, college is liberal and all, but this woman was to liberal. even for college! some of the students even boo'd her! there was other controversy regarding one of the groups of graduates being able to wear construction hats with tassels on them but the rotc guys couldn't wear thier rotc hats with tassels on them as it wasn't politically correct. hmmmmm, this day and age i smell a lawsuit. we went to the cabin that pauls parents rented after and had a burger and then started out for mansfield,wa. we called to see if brent and shawn would be home but they werent, we got to wenatchee, grabbed some cherries and decided to head home via highway 2. got to mt vernon around 7:45 then mom dragged me out to office depot for some hole punched dividers. went to bed at 11:50 when i could no longer keep my eyes open and was watching law and it started involving me...

got up at 8 to watch coronation st. the 2 episodes i missed last week were really good! now i need to find a friend who watches the same show as i do. then went to bellingham with mom where i found some more cotton ease at the joanns, which i bought for the black and red afghan. i also started clapotis (which i will be fondly referring to as 'the clap') ahem... so i started the clap this weekend, and am almost done with the increase repeats. i made 18 stitch markes last night so that i had a bunch of pretty beaded stitch markers to go with the pretty clap. not sure i like the color of the yarn i got though. i can allways over-dye it with black if i really don't like it. it's a chartruse, blue, white verigated made by pattons called grace. it's usually in with the baby stuff. so at this time, mom's sock is on hold, aunt c's slipper (i say this as only one is partly done) is on hold my boob tube/shrug is waiting to be fixed but i have stolen the #5 addi turbos for the clap and psychadellic squares is waiting to be seamed and bordered and not-so-psychadelic (red and black) squares is waiting in the wings.

i really need to try and write every day, that way these won't be so damn huge.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

so i thought that i was tired yesterday....

it might be bad that i don't really remember the drive in to work this morning. i think that i stayed up too late, and tomorrow i get up at 5. i went to stacias house last knit for dinner and to knit. dinner was great, the curry chicken was really good and i love red potatos and corn. i had a lot of fun, it's nice to sit and chat even though i am a weirdo. i got some finished on the lacey sock for mom's mothers day/birth day present, but then i got too tired and dropped a few stitches and had to un-knit today but only about 1/2 an inch (i did this instead of taking a nap at lunchtime like i should have). i did get some done on aunt c's fuzzy feet, i need to have those done by the 22nd and i only have 1/3 of one of them done and i'm thinking about going home and starting to sew up the psychedelic squares blanket. i wish i could just go home and pass out, but i know as soon as i get out the door and start on my way home i will have a rush of energy.

the husband and i are going to stacia and andy's on friday for tacos! i am so excited! we are bringing beer and dessert.

sometimes i don't think before i speak. i'm going on a trip to eastern washington with dad in mom's car (thank god that the a.c. got fixed last week). he is coming to pick me up at 5:30 or 6 in the morning on saturday. when he said that i just said okay, and continued the conversation when i should have said, holy shit! can i just come up to your house and sleep in the car like we used to get to sleep in the camper the night before any trip so you could leave when you want to and not wake me up?? we have to be in ellensburg for 9:30 for tom's friend paul's graduation. i believe i may sleep the whole way there. and then we are going to mansfield to visit shawn and brent dad's sister beverlys kid and her husband. i don't know if i'm going to end up back in everett or mt vernon, but either way i won't know when we get there 'cause i will be passed the fuck out!

turns out that tom and don are going to eastern washington also this weekend. they will be competing in the no alibi TSD, last year it was all gravel and they went from ellensburg to couer d' alene and back (yes that would be freaking idaho!) they had fun last year, i'm sure they will again this year. you can check out last years photos of them and of the rally car at

right now a green leaf like bug is laying it's eggs on the window. they look like little orange marshmallows. i hope that no one else notices so that the babies can grow and hatch and be grown up strange little bugs. makes me wish i had a camera phone. it also looks like a lot of hard work laying eggs, she doesn't even notice when i am looking at her through the other side of the glass. right now there are 16 eggs, they remind me of the really crunchy birthday cake decorations you got for your cake from the store. i wonder if they still have those.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

this morning it was a honda civic, he then thought that maybe he better speed up and cut me off. that is sooooo much better than being squished (you should be able to smell the sarcasm). i really need a louder horn. don said that i should get hella air horns for the car. they are only $30.00 might be the best money i've ever spent. at least you guys will know how i died, hand on horn finger in the air.

i've found something new i like to eat. corn chow-der, very good chow. what the hell makes it chowder i'll never know, but it's great all the same.

i am still uterly amazed by the stupidity of human beings these days. if you don't think that your coffee is hot, your a dumbass. i don't see why we should have to label your cup for you 'caution hot'. if you choose to feed your children the cup-o-soup you just poured boiling water from the stove into 3 seconds after doing so, i think that might be that natural selection thing i keep hearing about. maybe we should add a few choice words after the caution.

went to the froo-froo hippy grocery store last night after work (that would be where the corn chowder came from). spent way too much money. i should just stick to trader joes. they have the hippy good for you stuff and the prices are -okay-. i did find some great 'no refined sugar' treats there though, gummy bears and chocolate mints. i need to go back and buy some more of the chocolates. i only got 4.

Monday, June 06, 2005


i can't believe i actually made it back to curves. went for the 1st time in probably a year this morning and the exersize high wore off this afternoon. i picked up some supplements while i was there (cause they were on sale) to help with the sugar cravings that i have. i figure that if i can break away from the refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup i might be okay.

yeah, real exiting.