Wednesday, June 22, 2005

i've been listening to english radio today. it's funny how popular songs stick around for so long there. it seems like if you hit number 1 you are guaranteed a spot on the radio for the next 10 years. right now they are playing elton john. granted it is like 1:30 in the morning there. we might be going to england this winter, mostly so that george can see his nan, probably for the last time. she's in the hospital right now with heart trouble.

it has rained all day today. rain is wonderful, makes me not so sneezy. or maybe it's the allegra.

i'm really tired right now. i'm having a lunch coma. tom (little brother) came to see me during lunch time and we went and had mexican food at azteca so technicaly it's a buritto coma. i wonder if burrito has anything to do with burro's maybe they were originally made with burro meat. eewwww.

i've been in contemplation of what to knit next all day today as i am going to the skeins ltd going out of business sale. i can't decide if i want to knit the nerdy math blanket found here: or mariah found here: or maybe the neat teal wrap sweater found in s n' b nation. right now i don't think that i could knit anything for me so i am leaning towards the blanket. i want to loose some weight and i would hate to make something for myself and then not be able to wear it due to the weight loss or make something and have it be too small and not fit and then i never loose weight and there goes 80$ and all that work on something that just gets tossed in a drawer or in the closet.

dear god. now the english radio station is playing more 80's songs. it's one that george likes but i don't know the name of it. george knew. it's by pulp it's called disco 2000.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

actually burrito apparently means "small burro" - how the tortilla looks when you roll it up, the last ends to fold are like little ears - hence burro. so says the fiance. hopefully i'll see you soon at monday knitty.

(the dog one :) haha)

Mon Jul 18, 09:43:00 AM 2005  

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