Monday, June 13, 2005

just love to torture myself!

went to andy and stacias for dinner and cards friday night. man that was cool! it's really nice to have local couple friends again. they are supposed to come over to our house on saturday for lnner (like brunch but lunch and dinner) i hope that george will get off his butt and fix the bbq by then and it will be nice enough to have it outside. the online weather says we will have thunder showers though, so we will see. i thought we might have to go north for aunt carolyns b-day but it looks like that is next weekend. seattle beagle rescue is walking around greenlake on saturday at 11, maybe lnner will be sunday instead. i'll talk with stacia tonight and see what she thinks.

woke up at 5 to be ready at 5:30 for dad to pick me up to go to e-wa for paul's graduation at central. thier key speaker was a very well educated black woman and, well, college is liberal and all, but this woman was to liberal. even for college! some of the students even boo'd her! there was other controversy regarding one of the groups of graduates being able to wear construction hats with tassels on them but the rotc guys couldn't wear thier rotc hats with tassels on them as it wasn't politically correct. hmmmmm, this day and age i smell a lawsuit. we went to the cabin that pauls parents rented after and had a burger and then started out for mansfield,wa. we called to see if brent and shawn would be home but they werent, we got to wenatchee, grabbed some cherries and decided to head home via highway 2. got to mt vernon around 7:45 then mom dragged me out to office depot for some hole punched dividers. went to bed at 11:50 when i could no longer keep my eyes open and was watching law and it started involving me...

got up at 8 to watch coronation st. the 2 episodes i missed last week were really good! now i need to find a friend who watches the same show as i do. then went to bellingham with mom where i found some more cotton ease at the joanns, which i bought for the black and red afghan. i also started clapotis (which i will be fondly referring to as 'the clap') ahem... so i started the clap this weekend, and am almost done with the increase repeats. i made 18 stitch markes last night so that i had a bunch of pretty beaded stitch markers to go with the pretty clap. not sure i like the color of the yarn i got though. i can allways over-dye it with black if i really don't like it. it's a chartruse, blue, white verigated made by pattons called grace. it's usually in with the baby stuff. so at this time, mom's sock is on hold, aunt c's slipper (i say this as only one is partly done) is on hold my boob tube/shrug is waiting to be fixed but i have stolen the #5 addi turbos for the clap and psychadellic squares is waiting to be seamed and bordered and not-so-psychadelic (red and black) squares is waiting in the wings.

i really need to try and write every day, that way these won't be so damn huge.


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I like the big posts. More to read up on.

Tue Jun 14, 08:42:00 AM 2005  

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