Tuesday, June 14, 2005

marshmallows and rally

the marshmallow bug eggs are still on the window. i'm sure that no one else has noticed. i'm glad. too many people go around squishing things for no reason these days.

i don't know what the deal is but when i hear eating noises while i am eating, the slorping and sucking and lip smacking, it just puts me off. i make an effort not to eat with my mouth open but these days no one else seems to give a crap. is it just me boys and girls?

i don't think i've said how much my brothers kick ass in a while. so, here goes. my brothers kick ass. see them at http://www.demonrally.com. i'm telling you they really kick ass. they kick so much ass you should sponsor the rally car. they need about a mil and a half for one of those AWD ones so lets get started!

i found some great spaghetti sauce that is decent right out of the jar (you don't have to add anything to fix it up like you have to with prego) it's the barilla brand sauces. even the vegetarian (tomato and basil) one is good. they have a veg one with mushrooms but i'm not about to try that shit. there is just something wrong with things that don't need oxygen and light to grow.


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