Thursday, June 16, 2005

-not- for the faint of heart (aka. this contains blood guts or other gross topics)

okay, so some bands are cool. this one, is just freaky. check the photos.
Shutter Happy i think one of them might be a cheetah?

so for a few years i've had a lump in my armpit, every once in a while it would hurt. i thought it wasn't a big deal. seemed like a zit that i couldn't pop. turns out it's a blocked gland and it decided to explode 2 months ago. and i really mean literally explode. 2 months back the lump, let's call it umm barry, so barry was bugging me and i went in the bathroom here at work to look at it and it looked like barry had spawned a friend about the size of a pea that looked like a blood blister higher up than where barry was (barry is about the size of a dime with the pore that is causing the problem darker and the size of a pin head directly below that). so, me being me, i pushed on it. and it literally exploded out the pin head hole. lots of white chunky gunk came out and a lot of blood. i'm talking like 1/8 cup total of gunk and blood. so needles to say i called the doctor and went right away. and like doctors always say, well barry is a gland that got blocked up and since he was too big or couldn't get out the way it got blocked up he exploded and then was able to get out. you have three options. 1 we can slice you open and look in at barry and say, why did we do that, we can't see anything and we would need to get every little piece out so he wouldn't grow back anyway, sew you back up and see if he went away on his own. 2 we can wait and see if you got enough material out so that barry doesn't grow back. 3 if he does grow back we can cut him out at that point in time. i said okay and left. feeling better but not thinking that i got my $25.00 out of it. leading up to yesterday when i was in the bathroom at work and pushed on barry's friend again and it did it again. so now i am going to the doctor again tomorrow to have them look at it again and pay them $25 for me to come back another time.



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