Wednesday, June 15, 2005

oh for fucks' sake!

why do people, unintentionally i'm sure, give me information and now i'm supposed to keep it a secret. or maybe i'm not. fuck fuck fuck. just so you all know. I AM NOT A GOOD SECRET KEEPER. i -will- tell people i know other than the person that's not supposed to know.

thirsty today, getting some water.

not even cheer up/happy day sandwich with a lemon drop pop (even the one with the cool drummeron the front) will make this one better. not even the $125.00 i got this morning. i should have gotten more chocolate when i went to the store this am.

on annother subject, i hope that stacias midwife appointment is going well today. i told her that if she was stuck on bedrest for the next 7 weeks in the hospital i would come and visit her every day. and i will, i just hope she dosn't have to be stuck in a hospital eating crappy hospital crap food. don't worry i'll be sneaking you good things if you have to stay at the hospital!


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