Monday, June 27, 2005

raw sewage and the incision (no queasy tummy's)

for those of you who have hung on through the gross stuff here's some more...

so after george's hour shower sunday morning we found out that the basment had flooded. again. the work that the city did should have fixed this problem. i guess not. btw, sunday was the day that i got to take the bandage off my armpit and take a shower after 3 days no showering. i woke up before george but decided to go back to sleep, he got in the shower 1st = no shower for me. i was pretty torqued. luckily the seattle neighbors (they are the good ones in the green house) said that i could use their shower, insisted actually, not because i was smelly i just looked so miserable! (he was right) i went and tood a shower at their house and by the time i got out the city was there, proudly stating that it wasn't their issue this time. for fuck sake. so i called around, found a drain snake for a reasonable price and george went to pick it up. while george was un-plugging the drain i was (sew, sew,) sewing my afghan together and i will be done with attaching all of the squares together in sets of four, now comes the big sewing project. (btw, it's not that awful sewing them together) after all of the hubub i decided to check on my incision, looked okay to me, sew some more squares together, go to bed. wake up in the morning (this morning) and -tada- bloody armpit. granted not that much blood but there wasn't supposed to be any. checked the incision, not a stitch left. good thing i have a dr's appointment this morning. went to the doctors (after dropping off the drain snake) she put one stitch back in which closed the bottom of the incision and said she couldn't do much about the open part at the top as it had been open too long. now, this is a quote from my doctor 'just neosporin the bejesus out of it and wash with soap and water every day, i'll see you in a few days'. i love my doctor. going to purlygirls tonight to sew some more afghan, don't really want to knit anything, still kind of in a drug haze.

more tomorrow i'm sure!


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