Thursday, June 09, 2005

so i thought that i was tired yesterday....

it might be bad that i don't really remember the drive in to work this morning. i think that i stayed up too late, and tomorrow i get up at 5. i went to stacias house last knit for dinner and to knit. dinner was great, the curry chicken was really good and i love red potatos and corn. i had a lot of fun, it's nice to sit and chat even though i am a weirdo. i got some finished on the lacey sock for mom's mothers day/birth day present, but then i got too tired and dropped a few stitches and had to un-knit today but only about 1/2 an inch (i did this instead of taking a nap at lunchtime like i should have). i did get some done on aunt c's fuzzy feet, i need to have those done by the 22nd and i only have 1/3 of one of them done and i'm thinking about going home and starting to sew up the psychedelic squares blanket. i wish i could just go home and pass out, but i know as soon as i get out the door and start on my way home i will have a rush of energy.

the husband and i are going to stacia and andy's on friday for tacos! i am so excited! we are bringing beer and dessert.

sometimes i don't think before i speak. i'm going on a trip to eastern washington with dad in mom's car (thank god that the a.c. got fixed last week). he is coming to pick me up at 5:30 or 6 in the morning on saturday. when he said that i just said okay, and continued the conversation when i should have said, holy shit! can i just come up to your house and sleep in the car like we used to get to sleep in the camper the night before any trip so you could leave when you want to and not wake me up?? we have to be in ellensburg for 9:30 for tom's friend paul's graduation. i believe i may sleep the whole way there. and then we are going to mansfield to visit shawn and brent dad's sister beverlys kid and her husband. i don't know if i'm going to end up back in everett or mt vernon, but either way i won't know when we get there 'cause i will be passed the fuck out!

turns out that tom and don are going to eastern washington also this weekend. they will be competing in the no alibi TSD, last year it was all gravel and they went from ellensburg to couer d' alene and back (yes that would be freaking idaho!) they had fun last year, i'm sure they will again this year. you can check out last years photos of them and of the rally car at

right now a green leaf like bug is laying it's eggs on the window. they look like little orange marshmallows. i hope that no one else notices so that the babies can grow and hatch and be grown up strange little bugs. makes me wish i had a camera phone. it also looks like a lot of hard work laying eggs, she doesn't even notice when i am looking at her through the other side of the glass. right now there are 16 eggs, they remind me of the really crunchy birthday cake decorations you got for your cake from the store. i wonder if they still have those.


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