Wednesday, June 08, 2005

this morning it was a honda civic, he then thought that maybe he better speed up and cut me off. that is sooooo much better than being squished (you should be able to smell the sarcasm). i really need a louder horn. don said that i should get hella air horns for the car. they are only $30.00 might be the best money i've ever spent. at least you guys will know how i died, hand on horn finger in the air.

i've found something new i like to eat. corn chow-der, very good chow. what the hell makes it chowder i'll never know, but it's great all the same.

i am still uterly amazed by the stupidity of human beings these days. if you don't think that your coffee is hot, your a dumbass. i don't see why we should have to label your cup for you 'caution hot'. if you choose to feed your children the cup-o-soup you just poured boiling water from the stove into 3 seconds after doing so, i think that might be that natural selection thing i keep hearing about. maybe we should add a few choice words after the caution.

went to the froo-froo hippy grocery store last night after work (that would be where the corn chowder came from). spent way too much money. i should just stick to trader joes. they have the hippy good for you stuff and the prices are -okay-. i did find some great 'no refined sugar' treats there though, gummy bears and chocolate mints. i need to go back and buy some more of the chocolates. i only got 4.


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