Thursday, June 30, 2005

we haven't spoken since monday! i really need to get back on the ball! i had a dr's appointment on wednsday morning, the pathology was back on barry, turns out that he was an ingrown hair that had formed some sebaceous cysts due to it being ingrown for so long which makes it kind of makes it ironic that barry rhymes with hairy. yes i am gross. and insane. oh, and weird.

for those who read that go to the knitting groups that i go to, i finished sewing up the psychedelic squares afghan this morning! turns out to be a lot bigger than what i thought it was going to be due to the stretch of the cotton. looks like i will be doing a random colored i cord trim. it was funny, last night at knitting jessica said that i should write up the revisions i have in my head to make the afghan less work by knitting 4 squares together. really, it's not that hard, just cast on enough for 4 squares, marking where they would normally be sewn together, join, follow the directions. would have to be done on magic loop or some such as the square would get smaller and smaller. you could even have the colors change via intarsia if that's what you wanted to do. my next psychedelic afghan will not be quite so psychedelic as it will only be black and red, i'm still mulling over whether to change the stripe sequence on the squares or just make them like square bull's eyes. hopefully i'm making sense, i am in my head anyway.

i haven't told george but i get half of friday off. i love time in our house alone. i will be sleeping or knitting.

for crap sake, while i was writing this entry earlier today one of the beams here at work started creaking. we are on the bottom of a 3 story building built in the 60s and made of cement blocks. we thought that the building was going to fall down around our ears so we all went outside for about 45 minutes untill a structural engineer and the building manager got here. we later found out that the people on the 3rd floor were moving out and they had a -ton- of crap up there and that the beam was probably creaking due to the pressure being lifted off of it or put on it in order to get everything out the door. at least i got out in the sunshine today without being stuck in my car in traffic. (which will happen in about 1/2 an hour) moms birthday is today and i have to drive to shoreline to the mongolian grill on 220th for dinner. at least they have peanut sauce.


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