Tuesday, June 21, 2005

the weekend of the escapees

after going to the doctor on friday afternoon and giving barry his eviction notice ( he will be evicted on thursday the 23rd at 8am) i went to staicias to knit. i worked on the clap and got a few inches more done. it's going quite quickly but i don't like the color of the yarn now. it will probably go in the gift pile or be over-dyed black or something. maybe i'll make another one. it's easy enough. at knitting last night i finished aunt carolyn's 1st fuzzy foot and cast on for number 2. he ('like the pronoun' yes that is someone's name) got to see my tatting last night and asked me to bring some supplies to show her how i do it on wednsday. i should be started on grandma's snowflakes already so i said that i would bring it.

i'm hungry, brb.

due to the cancellation of dinner plans with stacia on saturday i was able to make it to the beagle rescue groups' walk around greenlake in seattle. it was a lot of fun. i had the most beagles and got to explain a lot on how awesome haltis and gentle leaders were. if i hadn't had them on cabby and nezzy i either would have been 1st around the lake or been pulled over several times. very nice weather and a really good walk. i didn't think it took all that long but we did stop for luvvies and explanations of the rescue group several times. cabby did really well considering his encounter at the everett dog park with the pitt/akita cross that bit him.

saturday afternoon we meandered up to the lake house to hang out and eat some dinner with the 'rents. when uncle chuck and elisa came to visit during the week they left the gate on the dock open, and suprise, nezzy found it and decided to take off on an adventure. thank god she came back when called, that was amazing, she never does that. then later, when dad was out mowing the lawn all three got out. we think the jumped off the dock onto the lower deck. bailey found dad and he let her back in the front door but the other two were gone by the time we got outside to look for them. so i started walking down the street yelling for cabby and nezzy and cabby came right away. nezzy decided she hadn't had enough evidently. so i kept walking and calling her and eventually she ended up coming out of the johnsons driveway. i'm surprised she didn't get kicked by one of their cows.

sunday was uneventful. we had make your own kabob-a-q with plain chicken, greek chicken, and beef (and soy chicken nuggets). the beef was bad but the greek chicken, like always, was great. that was because i made it. tom don alicia rob luci grandma b aunt carolyn uncle bud and the two fluffy-pups all showed up. ahhhh summer.


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