Thursday, July 28, 2005


i had a dream the other night, monday i think. it was really cool. i was in a doctors office and someone told me to go look in a box. so i go and look in a box and i see eggs being fertilized with a needle/syringe. and then someone says wait, look... and i watch and they cut one of the eggs open and you can see the cells multiplying. i ask if they can do it again but they say that the eggs are for invitro and that they only had one to show me.

it was really cool.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

babies are okay?

please, everyone, no blackmail, no sending this secretly to my husband or other family members, i'm still freaked out about putting this down in writing.

i think that having kids would be okay.

holy shit. seriously. crap, am i getting old or something?

my concerns:

that i would have to do everything by myself even though there is annother person involved and living in the house with me. ie: being a single mom even though there is help in the house but they are unwilling to help.

that i'm considering this because i want my dad and g-ma b to have a grandkid that they can be proud of and not because i want to.

the kid would be allergic to my beagles. i may have to give up the kid!

i'm sure that i have more concerns, i just can't think of them now.

Friday, July 22, 2005

lizard attack!

who the hell knew that we had lizards in western washington??!!

i had a visitor from the little fellow above (which happens to be a northern aligator lizard) last night about 6 pm -inside- the office!! i got to chase him around a little untill i cornered him and got him into my paper shredder container and dropped him off outside. i was worried last night that i had caught someone's pet and set them loose to pray on the environment or get squished or die as it's so cold out here but he's native so no biggy.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

dear god why?

mary had a little blam

so today the terrorists that are living in england (that they let in as refugees) have bombed london again. what is really funny is that there is probably more news coverage about the bombins here in the states than in england. what americans don't realize is that the english have been bombed by the ira for ever. that would be why they were so outraged when the leader of the ira was invited over for tea with billy clinton. oh, what? you didn't hear that they were pissed about that? oh, maybe that's because fox nbc ect don't give a flying fart about world news just the bs about here. if you want some of the truth about what's happening out there try cbc or english news on chanel 9 they don't put that awesome spin that 'america is great and does no wrong' on everything. refreshing.

evidently i am clever. it was officially announced the other night when i had color coded my cable chart and stuck a peice of metal and my chart in a plastic sheet protector and was able to move the magnet along the plastic so it didn't totally fuck up the pattern. interesting. i am still collecting knitting secrets about patterns, seems like designers just don't mention the things that they think we should all know. maybe i will go on yahoo and sign up for out of city knitting groups today and get ideas from some other people too. now i have about 10 or so maybe more.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

mercy me.

okay, today i will not be so angry. (sometimes you just need to get it out no?)

unlike my dad, i am taking the steps to share my great idea with people. who would have thought that i would be doing that, i am so much like him in so many other ways. dad really does have some awesome ideas, but they remain just that, ideas, floating in his head, to be mentioned every once in a while (i know all of them) but nothing gets done. it's awesome when things just happen at the right time in the right place.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


oh, and i laughed my ass off at this:


i wish instead of screaming at people without actually voicing anything and flicking them off when i'm outside their office i could just punch them in the face. maybe i'd say 'you’re an ass' too. yeah. sounds like a plan! have i told you all that the woman in the office next to me is a total bitch. you never get a nice answer out of her, all her answers are sharp cranky old woman WHAT!? answers. it just crushes me like you wouldn't believe... then i don't think that i know anything for the rest of the day and question myself way too much.

i hate that i let people affect me that way.

so.... last night i think that i decided to make a pamphlet or book or something about all the shit they don't tell you when you are learning to knit and that arn't written into patterns as they are just 'common knowledge' (but you really don't know unless someone tells you) ie: you should always do ribbing on cuffs in one size smaller needle. who the hell would know that? so if you have any suggestions i'd appreciate it if you would leave them in the comments. thank you!

oh, and i should say that george sent me a nice e-mail apologizing for the shenanigans on sunday. and i'd just like to note that i spelled shenanigans correctly the 1st time per msn spell checker!

Monday, July 18, 2005

work sucks

you know, now that i think about it, anything that has to do with being grown up or responsibility sucks. i, like the rest of my pitiful generation, just want things and don't want to have to work for them and don't want the consequences of purchasing things before i have the cash in hand. maybe it's the sunshine and weather in the 80's, maybe it's the sunburn, maybe things just aren't as challenging as they were or i'm just bored. enough of this shit...

my weekend:

tell husband early in the week that we are going to go up to the lake house as the weather is going to be nice and i want to relax. friday night = hissy fit about having to leave the computer/internet as he just found a new game that he wants to play and is, evidently, more important than i am. he states that he will come up on sunday. i understand completely that he's made a new friend and that the game is a big factor in that friendship. i leave saturday mid day. chill at the lake house saturday, went out and visited g-ma winnie, tried to relax a little. hot dogs for lunch, chili for dinner. knit knit knit.

sunday, get up at 8 watch coronation st ( have to go to aunt carolyns with don while he fixes her new computer (read fixes as sets up) knit knit knit, hit the house around noon, eat hot dogs again as i am starving and this is the only decent thing to eat as everything else in the house is no-fat no-sugar. go jet skiing for about an hour, get wicked sun burn, don' t realize i have wicked sun burn, hang out behind a 'shade' and finish re-knitting the top of the boob tube (i didn't like the way the 1st one turned out) while knitting get more sun burned. waited until about 8:30 then headed home. george never showed up on sunday like he said he would. fucker. kinda glad in one way that we saved some gas money but jesus is it that hard to pick up the phone?

i need to try and talk to him on tuesday, the rules that i could tolerate regarding the computer have gone out the fucking window. either that or i just go knitting every night of the week and we all know that leads to a disfunctional family.

i'm gonna go take a nap for lunch.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

my fur kids kick ass (that is nezzy at howloween last year as a bum) -------> i seriously believe they talk to eachother through telepathy. the other day nez was the only one outside and was stalking a bird, then, flip flop fip flop (dog door noise) bailey and cabs come running outside right to where nezzy is and scare the bird away and nez has this whole disgusted look on her face like 'you crap heads! i was gonna sniff that birdies butt!' it's allways nice to have someone willing to snuggle with you at any time in trade for some scratchies.

george had a rough night yesterday. he was cleaning up his desk and came across his birthday card from nan and grampramp. i'm still at a loss as to what to say to him. i know if it were my dad or grandma b. i would be devestated. like in bed not moving not eating not talking just crying devestated, hell i wouldn't know what to tell myself. so for dinner we had nan chips and bangers, i think that it helped.

Monday, July 11, 2005


i feel like i'm on a quest. what the hell i'm looking for no one knows but i guess i'm looking. there are these weird spaces in your life like there is a hole in it and you go on some grand adventure to find it. sometimes the adventure is not so grand, sometimes you find what you thought you were looking for but really it wasn't what you were looking for at all and so you have to go on even though you don't want to. maybe i'm supposed to be looking for something i think i lost about 2 years ago in october. maybe i'm supposed to change jobs again.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

good bye nan, we loved you so much!

friday, july 1, 2005 nan (sissy) gough passed away. we love you very much nan, and we know that you are feeding everyone in heaven chips right now. those are the best chips ever, thank you for helping me figure out how to make them.

p.s. george misses you so much, will you tell him that you are still around and help him to feel okay that you are gone. you know you were always his favorite.