Tuesday, July 26, 2005

babies are okay?

please, everyone, no blackmail, no sending this secretly to my husband or other family members, i'm still freaked out about putting this down in writing.

i think that having kids would be okay.

holy shit. seriously. crap, am i getting old or something?

my concerns:

that i would have to do everything by myself even though there is annother person involved and living in the house with me. ie: being a single mom even though there is help in the house but they are unwilling to help.

that i'm considering this because i want my dad and g-ma b to have a grandkid that they can be proud of and not because i want to.

the kid would be allergic to my beagles. i may have to give up the kid!

i'm sure that i have more concerns, i just can't think of them now.


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