Wednesday, July 13, 2005

my fur kids kick ass (that is nezzy at howloween last year as a bum) -------> i seriously believe they talk to eachother through telepathy. the other day nez was the only one outside and was stalking a bird, then, flip flop fip flop (dog door noise) bailey and cabs come running outside right to where nezzy is and scare the bird away and nez has this whole disgusted look on her face like 'you crap heads! i was gonna sniff that birdies butt!' it's allways nice to have someone willing to snuggle with you at any time in trade for some scratchies.

george had a rough night yesterday. he was cleaning up his desk and came across his birthday card from nan and grampramp. i'm still at a loss as to what to say to him. i know if it were my dad or grandma b. i would be devestated. like in bed not moving not eating not talking just crying devestated, hell i wouldn't know what to tell myself. so for dinner we had nan chips and bangers, i think that it helped.


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