Thursday, July 21, 2005

mary had a little blam

so today the terrorists that are living in england (that they let in as refugees) have bombed london again. what is really funny is that there is probably more news coverage about the bombins here in the states than in england. what americans don't realize is that the english have been bombed by the ira for ever. that would be why they were so outraged when the leader of the ira was invited over for tea with billy clinton. oh, what? you didn't hear that they were pissed about that? oh, maybe that's because fox nbc ect don't give a flying fart about world news just the bs about here. if you want some of the truth about what's happening out there try cbc or english news on chanel 9 they don't put that awesome spin that 'america is great and does no wrong' on everything. refreshing.

evidently i am clever. it was officially announced the other night when i had color coded my cable chart and stuck a peice of metal and my chart in a plastic sheet protector and was able to move the magnet along the plastic so it didn't totally fuck up the pattern. interesting. i am still collecting knitting secrets about patterns, seems like designers just don't mention the things that they think we should all know. maybe i will go on yahoo and sign up for out of city knitting groups today and get ideas from some other people too. now i have about 10 or so maybe more.


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