Tuesday, July 19, 2005


i wish instead of screaming at people without actually voicing anything and flicking them off when i'm outside their office i could just punch them in the face. maybe i'd say 'you’re an ass' too. yeah. sounds like a plan! have i told you all that the woman in the office next to me is a total bitch. you never get a nice answer out of her, all her answers are sharp cranky old woman WHAT!? answers. it just crushes me like you wouldn't believe... then i don't think that i know anything for the rest of the day and question myself way too much.

i hate that i let people affect me that way.

so.... last night i think that i decided to make a pamphlet or book or something about all the shit they don't tell you when you are learning to knit and that arn't written into patterns as they are just 'common knowledge' (but you really don't know unless someone tells you) ie: you should always do ribbing on cuffs in one size smaller needle. who the hell would know that? so if you have any suggestions i'd appreciate it if you would leave them in the comments. thank you!

oh, and i should say that george sent me a nice e-mail apologizing for the shenanigans on sunday. and i'd just like to note that i spelled shenanigans correctly the 1st time per msn spell checker!


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