Monday, July 18, 2005

work sucks

you know, now that i think about it, anything that has to do with being grown up or responsibility sucks. i, like the rest of my pitiful generation, just want things and don't want to have to work for them and don't want the consequences of purchasing things before i have the cash in hand. maybe it's the sunshine and weather in the 80's, maybe it's the sunburn, maybe things just aren't as challenging as they were or i'm just bored. enough of this shit...

my weekend:

tell husband early in the week that we are going to go up to the lake house as the weather is going to be nice and i want to relax. friday night = hissy fit about having to leave the computer/internet as he just found a new game that he wants to play and is, evidently, more important than i am. he states that he will come up on sunday. i understand completely that he's made a new friend and that the game is a big factor in that friendship. i leave saturday mid day. chill at the lake house saturday, went out and visited g-ma winnie, tried to relax a little. hot dogs for lunch, chili for dinner. knit knit knit.

sunday, get up at 8 watch coronation st ( have to go to aunt carolyns with don while he fixes her new computer (read fixes as sets up) knit knit knit, hit the house around noon, eat hot dogs again as i am starving and this is the only decent thing to eat as everything else in the house is no-fat no-sugar. go jet skiing for about an hour, get wicked sun burn, don' t realize i have wicked sun burn, hang out behind a 'shade' and finish re-knitting the top of the boob tube (i didn't like the way the 1st one turned out) while knitting get more sun burned. waited until about 8:30 then headed home. george never showed up on sunday like he said he would. fucker. kinda glad in one way that we saved some gas money but jesus is it that hard to pick up the phone?

i need to try and talk to him on tuesday, the rules that i could tolerate regarding the computer have gone out the fucking window. either that or i just go knitting every night of the week and we all know that leads to a disfunctional family.

i'm gonna go take a nap for lunch.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I tried to warn you. It's an addiction. I just got busted for it. Going cold turkey for a while.

Mon Jul 18, 02:49:00 PM 2005  
Blogger suzy said...

mmmm turkey..... it's not like this hasn't happened with every other game he's ever played. really i should be used to it by now.

Tue Jul 19, 01:28:00 PM 2005  

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