Tuesday, August 30, 2005

my oh my what a big fat pie.

anyone out there know if you can knit something in dk weight yarn that calls for worsted? i've fallen in love with a color and won't give up.... yet....

thursday is the 1st which means on that day i only have 12 days left to complete and turn in my ce credits. shit, now that i look at it i will be gone from work on fri for my -me- vacation and so i have to have it done by the 8th. only 8 days. man am i a procrastinator. i'm just too tired to 'study' (read the goddamned books) seems like i sit down to start reading and poof next thing i know i'm asleap in my chair! too bad i hate coffee or else that might help. anyone have any other ideas?

Monday, August 29, 2005

weekends, but more sleep needed

saturday: i went to a friend of mine's daughters' birthday party (micaela, she was 12, poor thing i feel so bad for her having to be the mom so young). this would be the infamous drama friend. this time all i heard her jabber on about was how megan (the other daughter age 5) was asked to be on a premier dance squad and how $2,000 a year was too much for full day kindergarten but $5,000 for the dance squad was do-able. hmmmm let's think boys and girls.... education vs. dancing.... which one would you pick for your kids? me personally, i would pick the education thing, especially since megan excels at that also. i mean really, dancing around like a ninny is fun and all but at 5 and being interested in going to school i think that school may be the more important thing. but i have to remind myself -THIS IS NOT MY LIFE AND I CAN LEAVE AT ANY TIME I LIKE- could only handle so much so i split early from the party. i went home and highlighted a whole 3 pages of my 26 hour ce booklet, need to be done by 9-12 i can't put it off anymore.

sunday: got up at 8, did some knitting while watching coronation st untill 10:30, went and got alicia aka a-word (as named by my dad). she is my brother don's girlfriend. and went to a highly unsuccessful beagle meetup, only one other couple and one other beagle showed up. if i hadn't brought alicia i wouldn't have had anyone to talk to on the walk down to the water. i have short legs and don't walk all that fast. that and i had someone to help me keep track of the beags, i counted 1 2 3 way too many times that day. mostly it was nezzy wandering off this time but cabby did start walking with the wrong group in the wrong direction once and had to be tracked down. all in all nothing major went wrong, i was hoping that no one would bite cabs and cabs wouldn't bite anybody. hooray!

i don't write good today, i'm going to stop now.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

pee-wee and his pee wee wee wee

yesterday on the way to knitting at cupcake royale i looked in someone elses car (like i usually do) and thought that i saw a pee wee herman air freshener. that got me to thinking... dangerous i know.... so i was thinking how it really wasn't that awful that pee wee got caught spakning the monkey in a porno theatre and how he really should have capitalized on the fiasco and become a porn critic. i mean everyone from my generation remembers pee-wee's playhouse, all he would have had to do was change some letters to make pee-wee's porn house... i think he would have made a butt load of money.

yes, pun intended.

i crack me up.

i'm a knittin fool!

mariah: almost done, on the hood.
bee sweaters for howloween beagle fest: 1 down 2 to go, need to be done by october
mom's mothers day socks: 3/4 of one done, were supposed to be done months ago
georges socks: yarn bought, not started
black and red psychadelic squares afghan: yarn bought, not started
flourescent orange hallowig: yarn bought, not started

and what do i feel like doing the most? buying yarn and starting rogue.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

wednesday already? too bad i thought it was thursday

so this week has been the week of the poking and prodding. tuesday morning was the pelvic ultrasound. what my doctor didn't tell me that it was an exterior/interior exam. and here i was thinking that it was going to be a breeze! they put some goo on me swish swish with the scanney thing 'it's still there' and see you later.... i got a swish swish alright. and the tech said that she could get the radiologist to look at it and come in and talk to me about what they found but she just came back in and said 'sorry that took so long we are all done, you can go'. still, it was by far my best hospital/radiology experience. today was even better hospital experience wise. went in to have the bone density scan this am due to my being on depo for more than the recommended 18 months, this november it will be 7 years. hello! how about telling me about this before?? didn't even see anything on the news.... anyway, the lady who did the scan was awesome and a knitter!! told her about fuzzy feet, knit picks, and the yahoo groups, told her that she should come and gave her my card to e-mail me about it she said she had been looking to get out of the house more. her daughter is my age. i've meant to go to my health insurance website to see if i can go to the obgyn at evergreen instead of a providence in everett. prov has been a total fuck up so far and now seems to be being run by the hospital now instead of medalia.

other than that i've been up to my ass in work, and trying to stay that way and not slack off so much. 'the only person i'm hurting by slacking is me' is the mantra for the drive home. i just have such a hard time being motivated to do anything that i don't like. knitting, on the other hand, is waaaaay too interesting and really, instead of going to knitting tonight i should be studying for my continuing education credits due by 9-12-05. but i couldn't skip knitting tonight :]

Sunday, August 21, 2005

woohoo for weekends

this weekend was pretty cool. so cool in fact that i now think that i deserve the nickname knitting macgyver. not only did i hem 3 pairs of pants and 3 short sleeved shirts and attach 8 patches to shirts this weekend (yes i know that has nothing to do with knitting), i un-knit (aka tinked) 4 sts x 4 rows of cable and re twisted things in the right direction and knit it all back together without ripping out a whole entire hundred and something stitch row. i am the master of the universe!!! oh wait, no, that's he-man. allways wondered why he-man's girlfriend (she-ra) wasn't called she-man or maybe that would have been her married name had he-man ever gotten the balls to ask she-ra to marry him. then again he wouldn't have had any balls as he was all 'roided out. maybe she would have had the balls.... but i digress..

think good thoughts for me on tuesday and wednsday next week as i go in for a bone density scan and a pelvic ultrasound. don't worry, it's nothing serious. it's just that i've been on depo since 98 and the doc wants to check and make sure that my bones aren't weakening due to that and to check out my ovarian cyst that i've had now for a good 4 years. i kind of hope they say that i need surgery to remove the cyst but then again surgery is kinda scary. if i do end up having surgery i will be asking the doctors and nurses to help in the race for the beetle and grab a handfull of fat while they are roaming around in there. i don't think that's logistically possible though as it will probably be a laproscopic procedure, hope they don't go in through the belly button though i'd like to keep mine in tact.

got to remember to tell george to fix the timer for the fish, think he only gets 30 minutes of sleep a night because the light just went out when i sat down to write and it just came back on. speaking of time, it's time to go to bed. have to get up to go to curves at 6 which i totally forgot until just now. 'night 'night

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

okay, lets do this shit.

i have found the motivation i needed to loose some weight.

yes boys and girls, and i'm sure it's no suprize, it's a car. something with power, something that goes fast, something that i've been drooling over since 1998.

stolen from: http://www.commonplacebook.com/photos/2004/2004.10.24_nbeast/page2.html

hope they don't mind.

now you can't tell me that is not a sweet peice of machenery. i'll wipe the drool from my keyboard now.

as soon as i check it with the husband. i am going to promise myself one of those in either black or that sweet ass orange if i loose 100 lbs. i'm thinking it will take me about a year. i think i can actually do this.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

sweet sweet revenge

see. i told you if you sat in front of the computer long enough it would kill you.

Man dies after 50 hours of computer games A South Korean man who played computer games for 50 hours almost non-stop died of heart failure minutes after finishing his mammoth session in an Internet cafe, authorities said on Tuesday.


Wednesday, August 10, 2005

not just insane but clinically insane

so the reason i can't get any work done today is because i'm thinking about starting a cafe/yarn shop. even looked at commercial rental space online in everett and lynnwood, there is a place in everett that says office space is 200 a month and month to month is okay. i even wrote out a menu.



jim huckeba's dave aju sandwich
(it's pb & j and i'll tell you the joke if you want)
curry chicken salad sandwich

pesto chicken salad sandwich

grilled cheese

tuna sandwich or tuna on crackers

nan chips
(think england)

dinette cake cupcakes
(white cake with a coconut/butter/walnut/brown sugar broiled frosting... talk about yum!)
chocolate chip cookies
(with and without walnuts or pecans)

these would be all of the things that i like to eat and make damn well if i don't say so myself. the idea started off as 'burritos and insurance' but i think that the yarn idea would be better. the hours would be from noon until 11 or midnight. big cushy but supportive floppy chairs and 70's end tables everywhere, dark paint, bright lights... i can see it now. i really need to talk to someone that runs a yarn shop though or a store or a cafe though, because my huge downfall at this time is i have no retail experience (other than some warehouse work) and have never worked in a restaurant. oh and i have no idea how to make coffee (that would be why it is not on the list) or what even constitutes as good coffee. so if you can help me out, e-mail me. or just a reality slap across the face would be okay.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

done! *phew*

today i made a conscious decision to sop being so pissed off and start forgiving. hooray for change no? reminds me of how many people wrote in my yearbooks for 6 years 'don't change you are cool as you are'. how stupid were they? no changing = dank, stinky, drama filled life. and trust me i've had enough drama for both of us.

speaking of drama, i've made some awesome new friends lately so i think that i can dump my drama friend from high school with a clear conscience. honestly, i think that she has the best intentions when she starts things but has a serious issue with completing them. the other issue with her is the 'i have to be better than you' syndrome she has. so much so that she lies. she will tell me something about her life, and then a week later when we are hanging out with another friend of hers she exaggerates the story and then tries to get me to confirm the exaggeration and i won't and she gives me the evil eye and says i don't remember what i told her correctly. listen boys and girls, i may have some memory issues and some dyslexia but we all know i am no idiot! don't tell me one story and then tell me the same story but changed to make you look better later in the week. I HONESTLY DON'T CARE IF YOU THINK YOU ARE BETTER THAN ME!

ps hilshire farms kilbasa sausage kicks ass and makes a great lunch.

pps it's hilarious that the spell checker doesn't recognize the word dyslexia it suggests that i may have wanted to spell disallows tee hee.

Monday, August 08, 2005

sunshine knitting jetskiis exempli gratia karma

i had a rad weekend. knitted with some awesome people on friday (i even got a prezzie!) i love a chill out evening with friends and some knitting and some jamba juice. mid morning on saturday leisurely drove up to the lake and hung out with dad, went the show at the paradox (don was playing with his band) with dad all the way down in ballard drove back up to the lake, went swimming and jetskiing on sunday hung out with my brother don and his gf alicia, finished the back of mariah and started on the fronts, found a $200 innertube thing that you tow behind a boat/jetski and flip people off of that no one claimed, what could be better than that? i even hurt my wrist elbow and shoulder muscle hitting a wave too hard think i jammed my wrist and elbow and that didn't even put a damper on things. i hope this lasts.

i think that putting this down in writing will throw me back into the bad luck spiral of death but here goes. i think that i might be out of the whole 'everything in my life is shitty if one more thing happens to me i will just run away' run of bad luck. congratulations to me. i have found some great friends, am doing healthy things for me, being more comfortable with george being on the computer all the time, everything is going pretty well. i could stand to get a new job, but i'm not too pissed today so i'll stay for a while. how are all of you doing?

Thursday, August 04, 2005

boys and green spots

i connect people to music, for every boyfriend i had there was a song. today one of them came on the radio, actually it's still on now. kind of makes me wonder what would have happened had we kept going out. would i still be working where i am now? would i have the house and the dogs? i don't think i would. this particular boyfriend went into the military is now on his 2nd wife and some instant-kids (stepchildren) he mentioned to me during the course of our going out that he wasn't going to have any kids (one of the reasons we broke up, mostly his idea). it's just amazing how much a song brings back.

yesterday cabby and nezzy came in the house and they had green spots on them. i still don't know really what happened but i think that they ran through/into some flowers and they have pollen all over them. i'll try and take a picture tonight because it's so funny, but you kinda have to see it.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

for tomatoes sake!

i have a very smart dog. nezzy has now figured out that she can squeeze herself under the garden fence and get into the garden and how to get back out so she doesn't have to cry for us to get her out. her favorite place to visit in the garden, the tomato plants. you just know that she's been in the garden when she comes into the house and smells like fresh tomato vines. sure she smells great but as soon as she figures out that tomatoes are good to eat.... not that we aren't going to have a ton and a half of tomatoes this year. the husband still needs to get out the recipe for green tomato chutney so that i can make him some while we still have green tomatoes.

Monday, August 01, 2005

too bad, so sad, i'm glad, f-you!

okay. i'm done. if i get an offer to go elsewhere i'm gone. the last thing on this earth i need is annother mom.


just now the old woman in my 3 person office decided to clean out the fridge. asked me if any of my stuff was good and had it all out on the counter and then decided to hand it all to me while i'm walking from the fax machine to my desk. that was handy let me tell you! so i get to pack it all back in the fridge.

seriously, get off my fucking back lady. you, of all people, arn't my mom and i'll clean up any dead food when i'm goddamned ready. or, like normal people state that the fridge will be emptied on friday if you want your tupperware take it home with you or it will go in the trash with everything else that has an expiration date.

tough e-mail

an e-mail from a friend:

"This weekend during a fight -- told me if I was so miserable why don't i just leave. I almost did. He doesn't know that I cleaned up the spare bedroom so that I could sleep in there (if it came to that), not because it was messy. There are still some days that I want to run away, that I seriously contemplate about going home. These days are less now. I think it might be silly that I go home sometimes just for the kids. In October it will have been 3 years. Seems unreal that it has been that long and I am still here. I didn't think I could make it. What I can't figure out now is how to fall back in love. I still care about him but how do you get back to that place where you look at him and just know that everything is okay. Some days I wish I would have never found out that he cheated on me and that somehow we would have gotten better and I would live in ignorant bliss."

so what would you tell my friend? leave a comment.