Thursday, August 04, 2005

boys and green spots

i connect people to music, for every boyfriend i had there was a song. today one of them came on the radio, actually it's still on now. kind of makes me wonder what would have happened had we kept going out. would i still be working where i am now? would i have the house and the dogs? i don't think i would. this particular boyfriend went into the military is now on his 2nd wife and some instant-kids (stepchildren) he mentioned to me during the course of our going out that he wasn't going to have any kids (one of the reasons we broke up, mostly his idea). it's just amazing how much a song brings back.

yesterday cabby and nezzy came in the house and they had green spots on them. i still don't know really what happened but i think that they ran through/into some flowers and they have pollen all over them. i'll try and take a picture tonight because it's so funny, but you kinda have to see it.


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