Tuesday, August 09, 2005

done! *phew*

today i made a conscious decision to sop being so pissed off and start forgiving. hooray for change no? reminds me of how many people wrote in my yearbooks for 6 years 'don't change you are cool as you are'. how stupid were they? no changing = dank, stinky, drama filled life. and trust me i've had enough drama for both of us.

speaking of drama, i've made some awesome new friends lately so i think that i can dump my drama friend from high school with a clear conscience. honestly, i think that she has the best intentions when she starts things but has a serious issue with completing them. the other issue with her is the 'i have to be better than you' syndrome she has. so much so that she lies. she will tell me something about her life, and then a week later when we are hanging out with another friend of hers she exaggerates the story and then tries to get me to confirm the exaggeration and i won't and she gives me the evil eye and says i don't remember what i told her correctly. listen boys and girls, i may have some memory issues and some dyslexia but we all know i am no idiot! don't tell me one story and then tell me the same story but changed to make you look better later in the week. I HONESTLY DON'T CARE IF YOU THINK YOU ARE BETTER THAN ME!

ps hilshire farms kilbasa sausage kicks ass and makes a great lunch.

pps it's hilarious that the spell checker doesn't recognize the word dyslexia it suggests that i may have wanted to spell disallows tee hee.


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