Wednesday, August 10, 2005

not just insane but clinically insane

so the reason i can't get any work done today is because i'm thinking about starting a cafe/yarn shop. even looked at commercial rental space online in everett and lynnwood, there is a place in everett that says office space is 200 a month and month to month is okay. i even wrote out a menu.



jim huckeba's dave aju sandwich
(it's pb & j and i'll tell you the joke if you want)
curry chicken salad sandwich

pesto chicken salad sandwich

grilled cheese

tuna sandwich or tuna on crackers

nan chips
(think england)

dinette cake cupcakes
(white cake with a coconut/butter/walnut/brown sugar broiled frosting... talk about yum!)
chocolate chip cookies
(with and without walnuts or pecans)

these would be all of the things that i like to eat and make damn well if i don't say so myself. the idea started off as 'burritos and insurance' but i think that the yarn idea would be better. the hours would be from noon until 11 or midnight. big cushy but supportive floppy chairs and 70's end tables everywhere, dark paint, bright lights... i can see it now. i really need to talk to someone that runs a yarn shop though or a store or a cafe though, because my huge downfall at this time is i have no retail experience (other than some warehouse work) and have never worked in a restaurant. oh and i have no idea how to make coffee (that would be why it is not on the list) or what even constitutes as good coffee. so if you can help me out, e-mail me. or just a reality slap across the face would be okay.


Blogger J. C. KnitNStuff said...

Whoah girl!!!!!!!!! You are so in my head I think. I have totally been thinking about the same thing lately although in my head I keep going back and forth with tea house or coffee shop.

What's even weirder is my dh and I have been talking about seeing if we can buy this house in Bothell from one of his clients.

You're creepin' me out!!! Just you're not.

Lots of love,

Fri Aug 19, 12:07:00 PM 2005  

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