Monday, August 08, 2005

sunshine knitting jetskiis exempli gratia karma

i had a rad weekend. knitted with some awesome people on friday (i even got a prezzie!) i love a chill out evening with friends and some knitting and some jamba juice. mid morning on saturday leisurely drove up to the lake and hung out with dad, went the show at the paradox (don was playing with his band) with dad all the way down in ballard drove back up to the lake, went swimming and jetskiing on sunday hung out with my brother don and his gf alicia, finished the back of mariah and started on the fronts, found a $200 innertube thing that you tow behind a boat/jetski and flip people off of that no one claimed, what could be better than that? i even hurt my wrist elbow and shoulder muscle hitting a wave too hard think i jammed my wrist and elbow and that didn't even put a damper on things. i hope this lasts.

i think that putting this down in writing will throw me back into the bad luck spiral of death but here goes. i think that i might be out of the whole 'everything in my life is shitty if one more thing happens to me i will just run away' run of bad luck. congratulations to me. i have found some great friends, am doing healthy things for me, being more comfortable with george being on the computer all the time, everything is going pretty well. i could stand to get a new job, but i'm not too pissed today so i'll stay for a while. how are all of you doing?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was just beginning to think the same thing last week - I almost don't want to say it out loud, for fear of jinxing it. But things are going well. EXTREMELY well. I may be crazy busy, but everything that I'm busy with is positive. Hooray for good moods!
- Alicia

Tue Aug 09, 09:06:00 AM 2005  
Anonymous Suzanne said...

Congratulations to you! I think the steady stream of sunny weather helps, because I'm over my beginning of 'summer' blues too...
See you at Essential tomorrow night?

Tue Aug 09, 02:41:00 PM 2005  
Blogger suzy said...

you know i never miss knitting! see you guys at essential tomorrow!

Tue Aug 09, 05:40:00 PM 2005  

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