Wednesday, August 24, 2005

wednesday already? too bad i thought it was thursday

so this week has been the week of the poking and prodding. tuesday morning was the pelvic ultrasound. what my doctor didn't tell me that it was an exterior/interior exam. and here i was thinking that it was going to be a breeze! they put some goo on me swish swish with the scanney thing 'it's still there' and see you later.... i got a swish swish alright. and the tech said that she could get the radiologist to look at it and come in and talk to me about what they found but she just came back in and said 'sorry that took so long we are all done, you can go'. still, it was by far my best hospital/radiology experience. today was even better hospital experience wise. went in to have the bone density scan this am due to my being on depo for more than the recommended 18 months, this november it will be 7 years. hello! how about telling me about this before?? didn't even see anything on the news.... anyway, the lady who did the scan was awesome and a knitter!! told her about fuzzy feet, knit picks, and the yahoo groups, told her that she should come and gave her my card to e-mail me about it she said she had been looking to get out of the house more. her daughter is my age. i've meant to go to my health insurance website to see if i can go to the obgyn at evergreen instead of a providence in everett. prov has been a total fuck up so far and now seems to be being run by the hospital now instead of medalia.

other than that i've been up to my ass in work, and trying to stay that way and not slack off so much. 'the only person i'm hurting by slacking is me' is the mantra for the drive home. i just have such a hard time being motivated to do anything that i don't like. knitting, on the other hand, is waaaaay too interesting and really, instead of going to knitting tonight i should be studying for my continuing education credits due by 9-12-05. but i couldn't skip knitting tonight :]


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