Monday, August 29, 2005

weekends, but more sleep needed

saturday: i went to a friend of mine's daughters' birthday party (micaela, she was 12, poor thing i feel so bad for her having to be the mom so young). this would be the infamous drama friend. this time all i heard her jabber on about was how megan (the other daughter age 5) was asked to be on a premier dance squad and how $2,000 a year was too much for full day kindergarten but $5,000 for the dance squad was do-able. hmmmm let's think boys and girls.... education vs. dancing.... which one would you pick for your kids? me personally, i would pick the education thing, especially since megan excels at that also. i mean really, dancing around like a ninny is fun and all but at 5 and being interested in going to school i think that school may be the more important thing. but i have to remind myself -THIS IS NOT MY LIFE AND I CAN LEAVE AT ANY TIME I LIKE- could only handle so much so i split early from the party. i went home and highlighted a whole 3 pages of my 26 hour ce booklet, need to be done by 9-12 i can't put it off anymore.

sunday: got up at 8, did some knitting while watching coronation st untill 10:30, went and got alicia aka a-word (as named by my dad). she is my brother don's girlfriend. and went to a highly unsuccessful beagle meetup, only one other couple and one other beagle showed up. if i hadn't brought alicia i wouldn't have had anyone to talk to on the walk down to the water. i have short legs and don't walk all that fast. that and i had someone to help me keep track of the beags, i counted 1 2 3 way too many times that day. mostly it was nezzy wandering off this time but cabby did start walking with the wrong group in the wrong direction once and had to be tracked down. all in all nothing major went wrong, i was hoping that no one would bite cabs and cabs wouldn't bite anybody. hooray!

i don't write good today, i'm going to stop now.


Blogger Pip and Tom said...

You wrote fine. I was going to call you Sunday night to see if you felt like some impromptu knitting at my place, but by the time I got home that day I was beat.


Tue Aug 30, 02:44:00 PM 2005  

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