Sunday, August 21, 2005

woohoo for weekends

this weekend was pretty cool. so cool in fact that i now think that i deserve the nickname knitting macgyver. not only did i hem 3 pairs of pants and 3 short sleeved shirts and attach 8 patches to shirts this weekend (yes i know that has nothing to do with knitting), i un-knit (aka tinked) 4 sts x 4 rows of cable and re twisted things in the right direction and knit it all back together without ripping out a whole entire hundred and something stitch row. i am the master of the universe!!! oh wait, no, that's he-man. allways wondered why he-man's girlfriend (she-ra) wasn't called she-man or maybe that would have been her married name had he-man ever gotten the balls to ask she-ra to marry him. then again he wouldn't have had any balls as he was all 'roided out. maybe she would have had the balls.... but i digress..

think good thoughts for me on tuesday and wednsday next week as i go in for a bone density scan and a pelvic ultrasound. don't worry, it's nothing serious. it's just that i've been on depo since 98 and the doc wants to check and make sure that my bones aren't weakening due to that and to check out my ovarian cyst that i've had now for a good 4 years. i kind of hope they say that i need surgery to remove the cyst but then again surgery is kinda scary. if i do end up having surgery i will be asking the doctors and nurses to help in the race for the beetle and grab a handfull of fat while they are roaming around in there. i don't think that's logistically possible though as it will probably be a laproscopic procedure, hope they don't go in through the belly button though i'd like to keep mine in tact.

got to remember to tell george to fix the timer for the fish, think he only gets 30 minutes of sleep a night because the light just went out when i sat down to write and it just came back on. speaking of time, it's time to go to bed. have to get up to go to curves at 6 which i totally forgot until just now. 'night 'night


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