Thursday, September 29, 2005


i don't know what i'm going to eat for dinner. just thought you'd like to know.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

'i never block my socks!'

'05 mothers day present for my mom. they are lace socks you just can't tell. and yes, one is bigger than the other.
ps. actually you can kinda tell when you click on the picture.

word up ladies!

pimpin' the brother.


hey, what's this in my tub?
it's red and furry and hmm...
it looks kinda hoody shaped....
i think maybe it looks more like a cardigan
oh wait! it's mariah!

zipper soon. it's getting colder.

puyallup fair expoze`

saturday i went to puyallup fair and found 660 yds of superwash merino sock yarn for $23.00 hand dyed even! isn't it pretty?
i like the brightness of the olive green and the blue violet (on my monitor at home and the one at work the colors are very true)


oh! i think that i may wind it into a ball! sounds like a good idea right? i don't have a swift so i start off on the floor and later move to the back of a swively chair then 2 hours and a shitload of knots later i have:

oh and this

and this

yarn, you are so very pretty but seriously fuck you.

i'm buying a yarn swift.

Monday, September 26, 2005

carp or crap or hell, whatever, i'm going back to bed

i would post about my weekend but last night when i was trying to blogger wouldn't listen to me. and today i forgot my nano-usb cord and so i can't even get it to work here. so, maybe tomorrow we will have some pictures to look at and my weekend to discuss.


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

heart attack!

so it's been hart attack city this morning, and i'm still freaking out. george got up and let the dogs out early this morning (probably about 6:30) which is normal for them. they were in and out for a good long while, untill about 9 or so, when i started to call them in so i could go to work. things are too quiet, no jingle jingle of tags running for thier cookies. quiet beagles are not good beagles. bailey was hanging out with me so i called for nez and bubba. no bubba, no nez, that is strange, bubba comes running for cookies even if he is in the garbage. my heart starts to sink. how could they get out? george took the garbage out the huge back gate maybe... no that's closed. got shoes and socks on and went out to look for them found the 2nd front gate open, the one we tied with wire to keep shut, the one we never use. slam the gate shut. re-tie the wire. yell for nez. no nez. dear god.. yell for cabby, he pokes his head around the corner of the house. i tell him he's a good boy, on my way sprinting by him through the house and out the front door. get out in the front of the house and yell for nez, wondering which way to go... look left. nothing. look right. there she is at the corner of our block. i yell for her, she heads towards me (hooray she knows her name and to come after 5 years!!) untill.... she sees a cat. cat takes off running, nez takes off running, i take off running. the cat quickly looses nezzy, she depends too much on her nose. when i see that the cat has won the race i try calling nez again, she comes running to me and lets me pick her up. she crouches down when she gets near thinking that she is in trouble. i tell her she's a good girl as i walk home with her in my arms, good girl for coming to me, hope she had fun chasing the kitty. deeeeeep breath... my dogs = my children.

this is also, reason 1,000,000 for not letting them hang out in the yard on 'good days'.

on my drive to work, start to think, how would the gate get untied and opened? and ask myself why the dogs didn't get out last night if it was open since yesterday... i come to the conclusion that the gate was opened by someone last night. now i don't feel the yard is safe. nothing seemed to be missing. dad is coming over tomorrow morning to help install new gate latches (like door levers) in the middle of the gates so that someone would have to climb over the solid wooden gates to get to the latch to untie or unlock it. pad locks will be put on the existing gates and latches (including the huge rear one) untill further notice.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

brief but intriguing

fer christ it's been a while since i've posted.

readers digest condensed version of the last week or so:

9-15 got nano from best buy northgate store (had to beg to have them put it behind the counter
for me and were talking about selling it when i got there if i didn't get there by 7:15)
9-16 played with nano,
9-17 went on knitting field trip with friends, fun, expensive, got to see the outside of weaving works which looks like a cool store but who knows when i will get there to check them out. started secret knitting project.
9-18 went shopping with mom in mt vernon, got some new clothes. i look hot now
9-18 evening, went to watch rally with the boys and eat bartertown nachos (they are really good, almost as good as burrito night at their house)
9-19 back at work (shitty)
9-20 e-mailed knitty about the secret knitting project to see if there was any interest in maybe publishing a pattern of the 1st ever design i've made. ( i may be famous! hahahaha!) wrote out pattern for secret knitting project during lunch, not done yet also need to find a good way to remember which way ssk and k2tog lean.

that's all the time i have for today kids!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

i'm better now

so last night i was treated to a shopping trip at alderwood mall. the 1st store i hit was the apple store. of course, thinking that he would never let me get an i-pod, i went right to the new nano and said, i want one of these! and he said okay. holy shit. i'm getting myself a cool ass 4 gb black fucking nano (and an fm modulator). i'm going to be so cool, you don't even know. and i will have some good music to listen to in the car finally. i've had the same 10 cd's in there forever.

oh yeah, and we went to p.f. changs for dinner which i can totally endorse as an awesome eating experience, awesome food, awesome service, what more could you ask for? (except for free of course, and an explanation of what p.f. stands for)

this totally saved my birthday and i will be having another birthday next year.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

i am an ungrateful horrible little child.

now that's out of the way...

my birthday sucked ass. i wanted to spend the whole day alone in the house (because i never get to do that) so i took the day off work, but 1st thing i got a call from george saying that he was sick and thought that he should go to the doctor. hooray i get to spend all day listening to george play world of warcraft. everything i started working on that day i either had to rip out and start again or couldn't start because the web site i needed was down. i ended up just going back to bed and taking a nap for 2 hours before my 'birthday dinner'.

i got 3 (count them with me children!) 3 whole presents a kick ass steam iron for blocking thanks joann, a kick ass bag thanks stacia, and $20 from my brother don. none of them from my husband. his excuse is that he has been sick lately. okay, so order something online and have it shipped to the house. and you will totally call me ungratefull for this one but my parents gave me a card and mom shared 2 rings that dad picked up on his trip through montana with grandma b (costume jewelry). what the fuck. don got $100 tom got $100 i hope that it is just a communication problem between mom and dad that mom thought dad was going to put it in the card and dad thought mom was going to put it in the card. but how the hell am i supposed to ask? "ummm hi dad, what happened to my birthday money?" or maybe "hi dad, just wanted to confirm that my birthday present this year was 2 rings, a card and dinner?" that dosn't sound totally ungrateful. maybe i'm just too old to get birthday money anymore? also, when i made reservations for my birthday dinner (notice how i had to make reservations??) i told them that it was my birthday, when i got there i told the waiter that it was my birthday, they sang to the people in the room across from ours but did they sing to me?? nooooooo.... we even got deserts and there wasn't any singing! then wonderful stacia offered to take me out to ice cream because my 'husband' hadn't gotten me a cake. guess what. ice cream place was closed. i'm not going to have annother birthday okay? i'm just going to stay miserable 27 for the rest of my life and not expect anything else ever. i want to just go back to bed and sleep for a few days and forget that i even had a birthday.

ps, i am likely to bite anyone's head off that even looks at me wrong today. that is your fair warning.

pps i also got wine spilled on me (by accident of course) at dinner

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

so i was freaking out for nothing.

studying like a mad woman for my (continuing education) hours this weekend. i was trying to do the marathon 26 hours in 72. boy was i wrong... studied my ass off and then when i took the test today found out that you take the test 'open book' with a searchable adobe acrobat copy of the book. can you say cut and paste children?? i knew you could! i accidentally took the test for one of the books that i hadn't gotten to yet (thought i was doing the 11 hr honker) and passed, 100% i'm sure but they don't tell you that info.

the weekend, other than stressing about the test, was awesome. hung out with the brothers g/f, did some shopping, did some hot tubbing, picked on my dogs. didn't even care that the weather wasn't 'perfect'

Thursday, September 01, 2005

oh what i would do without my best friend!

i have now successfully grown a 4 cm cyst! woohoo for ..... hey, wait, that's not a good thing. seeing as how my ovary is only 4 cm so that's kinda like growing an arm on my arm or another head on my head. that would be bad, all the world needs now is two of me. the silver lining to the cloud though is that my doctor called me normal


unfortunately she wasn't talking about my psychological profile, she was talking about my bone density. so in october i'm off to see the pelvic ultrasound lady again and see if the cyst that i suspect has been there for 4 years is still there.

oh yeah! and the coolest part. they are cutting my armpit open again to sew it shut again. hopefully this time i won't bust open the stitches and i will remember to shave before i go in to have it done. i will have 4 days to recover though as i get to take some time off work.

time to go home, see you later.