Tuesday, September 20, 2005

brief but intriguing

fer christ it's been a while since i've posted.

readers digest condensed version of the last week or so:

9-15 got nano from best buy northgate store (had to beg to have them put it behind the counter
for me and were talking about selling it when i got there if i didn't get there by 7:15)
9-16 played with nano,
9-17 went on knitting field trip with friends, fun, expensive, got to see the outside of weaving works which looks like a cool store but who knows when i will get there to check them out. started secret knitting project.
9-18 went shopping with mom in mt vernon, got some new clothes. i look hot now
9-18 evening, went to watch rally with the boys and eat bartertown nachos (they are really good, almost as good as burrito night at their house)
9-19 back at work (shitty)
9-20 e-mailed knitty about the secret knitting project to see if there was any interest in maybe publishing a pattern of the 1st ever design i've made. ( i may be famous! hahahaha!) wrote out pattern for secret knitting project during lunch, not done yet also need to find a good way to remember which way ssk and k2tog lean.

that's all the time i have for today kids!


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