Wednesday, September 21, 2005

heart attack!

so it's been hart attack city this morning, and i'm still freaking out. george got up and let the dogs out early this morning (probably about 6:30) which is normal for them. they were in and out for a good long while, untill about 9 or so, when i started to call them in so i could go to work. things are too quiet, no jingle jingle of tags running for thier cookies. quiet beagles are not good beagles. bailey was hanging out with me so i called for nez and bubba. no bubba, no nez, that is strange, bubba comes running for cookies even if he is in the garbage. my heart starts to sink. how could they get out? george took the garbage out the huge back gate maybe... no that's closed. got shoes and socks on and went out to look for them found the 2nd front gate open, the one we tied with wire to keep shut, the one we never use. slam the gate shut. re-tie the wire. yell for nez. no nez. dear god.. yell for cabby, he pokes his head around the corner of the house. i tell him he's a good boy, on my way sprinting by him through the house and out the front door. get out in the front of the house and yell for nez, wondering which way to go... look left. nothing. look right. there she is at the corner of our block. i yell for her, she heads towards me (hooray she knows her name and to come after 5 years!!) untill.... she sees a cat. cat takes off running, nez takes off running, i take off running. the cat quickly looses nezzy, she depends too much on her nose. when i see that the cat has won the race i try calling nez again, she comes running to me and lets me pick her up. she crouches down when she gets near thinking that she is in trouble. i tell her she's a good girl as i walk home with her in my arms, good girl for coming to me, hope she had fun chasing the kitty. deeeeeep breath... my dogs = my children.

this is also, reason 1,000,000 for not letting them hang out in the yard on 'good days'.

on my drive to work, start to think, how would the gate get untied and opened? and ask myself why the dogs didn't get out last night if it was open since yesterday... i come to the conclusion that the gate was opened by someone last night. now i don't feel the yard is safe. nothing seemed to be missing. dad is coming over tomorrow morning to help install new gate latches (like door levers) in the middle of the gates so that someone would have to climb over the solid wooden gates to get to the latch to untie or unlock it. pad locks will be put on the existing gates and latches (including the huge rear one) untill further notice.


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