Tuesday, September 13, 2005

i am an ungrateful horrible little child.

now that's out of the way...

my birthday sucked ass. i wanted to spend the whole day alone in the house (because i never get to do that) so i took the day off work, but 1st thing i got a call from george saying that he was sick and thought that he should go to the doctor. hooray i get to spend all day listening to george play world of warcraft. everything i started working on that day i either had to rip out and start again or couldn't start because the web site i needed was down. i ended up just going back to bed and taking a nap for 2 hours before my 'birthday dinner'.

i got 3 (count them with me children!) 3 whole presents a kick ass steam iron for blocking thanks joann, a kick ass bag thanks stacia, and $20 from my brother don. none of them from my husband. his excuse is that he has been sick lately. okay, so order something online and have it shipped to the house. and you will totally call me ungratefull for this one but my parents gave me a card and mom shared 2 rings that dad picked up on his trip through montana with grandma b (costume jewelry). what the fuck. don got $100 tom got $100 i hope that it is just a communication problem between mom and dad that mom thought dad was going to put it in the card and dad thought mom was going to put it in the card. but how the hell am i supposed to ask? "ummm hi dad, what happened to my birthday money?" or maybe "hi dad, just wanted to confirm that my birthday present this year was 2 rings, a card and dinner?" that dosn't sound totally ungrateful. maybe i'm just too old to get birthday money anymore? also, when i made reservations for my birthday dinner (notice how i had to make reservations??) i told them that it was my birthday, when i got there i told the waiter that it was my birthday, they sang to the people in the room across from ours but did they sing to me?? nooooooo.... we even got deserts and there wasn't any singing! then wonderful stacia offered to take me out to ice cream because my 'husband' hadn't gotten me a cake. guess what. ice cream place was closed. i'm not going to have annother birthday okay? i'm just going to stay miserable 27 for the rest of my life and not expect anything else ever. i want to just go back to bed and sleep for a few days and forget that i even had a birthday.

ps, i am likely to bite anyone's head off that even looks at me wrong today. that is your fair warning.

pps i also got wine spilled on me (by accident of course) at dinner


Blogger Pip and Tom said...

Yah. Your birthday sucked. I'll treat you to a cupcake on Wednesday.

Tue Sep 13, 12:31:00 PM 2005  
Blogger suzy said...


Tue Sep 13, 12:55:00 PM 2005  
Blogger d-made said...

HAPPY SEPTEMBER 2005 Suzy - I think the world is still better of with you being born.

My mom forgot my 13th birthday. I remember sitting on the front steps moping about it.

Let's all just be happy we are alive and prosperous :)

Tue Sep 13, 01:39:00 PM 2005  
Blogger J. C. KnitNStuff said...

Oh girl...I am so sorry your birthday sucked. I would have rather hung out at your sucky birthday than being a freaked out mommy over sick kids. I'm glad you liked the iron. I played with mine and it's really totally cool. You'll like it too, I'm sure.

Fri Sep 16, 12:01:00 AM 2005  

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