Wednesday, September 14, 2005

i'm better now

so last night i was treated to a shopping trip at alderwood mall. the 1st store i hit was the apple store. of course, thinking that he would never let me get an i-pod, i went right to the new nano and said, i want one of these! and he said okay. holy shit. i'm getting myself a cool ass 4 gb black fucking nano (and an fm modulator). i'm going to be so cool, you don't even know. and i will have some good music to listen to in the car finally. i've had the same 10 cd's in there forever.

oh yeah, and we went to p.f. changs for dinner which i can totally endorse as an awesome eating experience, awesome food, awesome service, what more could you ask for? (except for free of course, and an explanation of what p.f. stands for)

this totally saved my birthday and i will be having another birthday next year.


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