Thursday, September 01, 2005

oh what i would do without my best friend!

i have now successfully grown a 4 cm cyst! woohoo for ..... hey, wait, that's not a good thing. seeing as how my ovary is only 4 cm so that's kinda like growing an arm on my arm or another head on my head. that would be bad, all the world needs now is two of me. the silver lining to the cloud though is that my doctor called me normal


unfortunately she wasn't talking about my psychological profile, she was talking about my bone density. so in october i'm off to see the pelvic ultrasound lady again and see if the cyst that i suspect has been there for 4 years is still there.

oh yeah! and the coolest part. they are cutting my armpit open again to sew it shut again. hopefully this time i won't bust open the stitches and i will remember to shave before i go in to have it done. i will have 4 days to recover though as i get to take some time off work.

time to go home, see you later.


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