Thursday, October 20, 2005

blue screen of death

anyone ever have a podcast screw up their computer so much that they got the blue screen of death? new rule, no podcasts at work, if i'm going to screw up a computer it better be the one that george has to fix. i had to figure out all this shit and fix it my damn self. well it was better than telling the computer guy :]

don't you just hate the days where you wake up with a headache? i've had a really bad sinus headache all day. i have my suspicions that it's all the diet pop i've been drinking lately. time to cut that shit out again. i need to find some good organic juice boxes that i can drink when i get a sweet drink craving.

oh! i'm totally signing up for this awesome home delivery organic thing called
pioneer organics. local and organic and -vegetables- oh my!! wait, that means that i actually have to start eating veggies....

Monday, October 17, 2005

paint salt and pig stys

paint paint paint the house now it's dark and gray, in the summer i'll paint the trim (i can't think of a good ending) well that's what me george dad and mom did on saturday. surprise it's all done for the winter.

sunday george and i went to fat burger. i had their chicken burger. wasn't all that great, no salt on the fries. hey all you 'salt sensitive' people out there!! you really shouldn't be eating fries if you have health issues!! and fat burger, put some goddamned salt on your fries. then we went to ross where i found a bunch of new bras, 2 pair of comfy underwear and the coolest rug for my kitchen ever. i'll have to try and rember to take a picture of it to show, i'll try and block out my dirty kitchen floor but with the dogs running in and out and the ground being all muddy again the house is a sty.

Friday, October 14, 2005

wednsday and the doctor

forgot to update, sorry. wednsday morning went to the doctor to discuss the results of the 2nd pelvic ultrasound. dr says that the cyst shrunk. what? but i feel worse! even woke up in the middle of the night last week 'cause i felt like doody. she asked how bad the pain was, i told her that it really wasn't all that painfull. i just wanted to stop feeling like i was gonna throw up every freaking day and popping advil like jelly beans because of it. we talk some more and she asks when my last depo injection was, i told her 9-26, then (i swear to god) there was this light above her head that goes off and she says, well maybe the depo has too much hormone for you as one of the symptoms of getting too much is to feel nausious. (and since then i've found out that other symptoms are being tired all the time and weight gain). so in december i am switching to the pill specifically necon 1/35. doc says i can take if for 3 months and then take a 'break'. shit i havn't had a 'break' since 1998... anyone out there have a good resource site for info on taking the pill? i really don't know anything about it since i just went directly into getting the shot from nothing.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

the soul search

my friend 'pip' wrote today that she was in the soul searching stage. that time when you say to yourself 'What was I doing? What talent was I bound to perfect?' i have been in that state now for at least 4 years, looking for something that identifies me. that suzy she just loves to... ____ (fill in the blank). i think that i have just given up though. i know how to do sooooo many different things but i can't say that i -love- to do them and i could never give it up. and yes, i could put down the knitting needles tomorrow and never knit again. i'm sure that will suprise some of you. i just consider myself the jack of all trades master of none.

i can:
work on cars, and i mean really work on cars... rebuild an engine? no prob. tune up? easy cheezy. brakes? no biggy. fix a dent? when do you need it done by?

kick your ass. seriously. i may look like some big fluffy teddy bear but most of me is muscle. don't go testing me now though...

paint. i'm actually pretty good at landscapes. i like to paint where you have to make your eyes all fuzzy to see what it is.

draw. horses kick ass.

fix staplers

untangle knots

expert christmas lite (i didn't mis spell this word, look on the box) string repairer

(there are more but i'll stop now so not to bore you)

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

what now?

now that mariah is done, and the bumble beagle costumes are all but finished i am now at a loss as to what to knit next...

what is on deck:
red and black psychedelic squares afghan
orange hallowig
socks for me (need pattern)
socks for george (need manly pattern)
something to do with the 600something yards of merino olive and cobalt/violet sock yarn (clapotis?) the only bad part to this one is that i already knit a variegated one that i hated i don't really want to go there again...

what i could by yarn for

arisag from knitty (lacey wrap top that, of course, i'm going to alter to not include the rib at the bottom but be lace all the way down)
slapdash out of my favorite yarn from knitpicks in very dark charcoal
the weavy bulky scarf from loop d loop

and your thoughts are??

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

i can't think of a good title

had my 2nd pelvic ultrasound to make sure my cyst was still there. big surprise it still was. i just want to go home and curl up in bed and be depressed for a few days and survive on hot chocolate. i just know that my doctor will want to remove the cyst and right now, that's freaking me out. makes me wish i never mentioned it. sigh.... anyone out there been through this? i hope i'm freaking out for nothing.

Monday, October 03, 2005

weekend update with extra poopy bits

muscles are a little achey today, after this weekend i thought there was a good chance i wouldn't be able to lift my arms at all.


thought that i would get up early and make a start on the house. boy was that a mistake. i didn't get home until 2am on friday so i got up around noon. went to lowes and spent $500 on house paint, brushes, drop cloths, sand paper, tape and house wash (who knew?). 'there is no use in doing something unless it's last minute' is the motto of my dad. so october 1, we start painting the house. when we are done, i say we only because it seems that my dad is going to help. i haven't asked anyone else to help other than george but i guess it was more important to clean the house this weekend (cleaning house meaning moving my shit from one room to another) than to help paint the cracking peeling exterior. someone needs their priorities re-arranged by getting a punch in the nose. aaaaaanyway... i got done washing the house around 5 pm. went inside to warm up and knit for a little while. one bee costume down, 1 to finish 1 to start.


got up at 8 dad shows up at 8:30 (of course the earlier of the 2 time options i gave him) at least i have my clothes on when he shows up. so we start on the front of the house (which he thinks is the worst, little does he know...) and sand, and sand and sand ect... finally he has me put some primer on the porch area. my first lick of paint on the house to turn it a decent color ie: not tan with dark green trim. oh! the house will be dark gray with white trim and red doors. that has been the master plan all summer but the funds haven't been there. after i prime the porch and the front door we walk around to survey the rest of the house, he then sees how bad the south side of the house is. he says that we don't have to take as much time with that side as no one will ever see it. i agree, after sanding and grinding for 4 hours on the front of the house i'm about done with that bullshit. dad then says i can paint the north side of the house, the only part with little or no peeling or cracked paint. so i get 3/4 of one side of the house painted. looks really cool!! i go to bed happy and sleep soundly having done my 1st hard day's labor since i left my warehouse job.

monday morning (aka mutha fucka):

get up early at 7, take shower, check on paint job. say it with me children... mutha fucka! evidently we didn't stop in time for the paint to be able to dry before it got too cold for it to dry or the dew got on it. i wanted to get upset but there wasn't time. went downstairs and got the paintbrush and tried to salvage what i could. i didn't think i could. the paint was very watered down and the primer that dad painted on the front wasn't quite dry when he painted the main color. on the side that i painted the paint had bubbled up in areas and i couldn't get it to stick back down and it looked like the paint just slid down the side of the house. end result: george says that it just looks like it needs another coat in the front and some touch up on the side. we'll see what i think in the morning.