Thursday, October 20, 2005

blue screen of death

anyone ever have a podcast screw up their computer so much that they got the blue screen of death? new rule, no podcasts at work, if i'm going to screw up a computer it better be the one that george has to fix. i had to figure out all this shit and fix it my damn self. well it was better than telling the computer guy :]

don't you just hate the days where you wake up with a headache? i've had a really bad sinus headache all day. i have my suspicions that it's all the diet pop i've been drinking lately. time to cut that shit out again. i need to find some good organic juice boxes that i can drink when i get a sweet drink craving.

oh! i'm totally signing up for this awesome home delivery organic thing called
pioneer organics. local and organic and -vegetables- oh my!! wait, that means that i actually have to start eating veggies....


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