Monday, October 17, 2005

paint salt and pig stys

paint paint paint the house now it's dark and gray, in the summer i'll paint the trim (i can't think of a good ending) well that's what me george dad and mom did on saturday. surprise it's all done for the winter.

sunday george and i went to fat burger. i had their chicken burger. wasn't all that great, no salt on the fries. hey all you 'salt sensitive' people out there!! you really shouldn't be eating fries if you have health issues!! and fat burger, put some goddamned salt on your fries. then we went to ross where i found a bunch of new bras, 2 pair of comfy underwear and the coolest rug for my kitchen ever. i'll have to try and rember to take a picture of it to show, i'll try and block out my dirty kitchen floor but with the dogs running in and out and the ground being all muddy again the house is a sty.


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