Wednesday, October 12, 2005

the soul search

my friend 'pip' wrote today that she was in the soul searching stage. that time when you say to yourself 'What was I doing? What talent was I bound to perfect?' i have been in that state now for at least 4 years, looking for something that identifies me. that suzy she just loves to... ____ (fill in the blank). i think that i have just given up though. i know how to do sooooo many different things but i can't say that i -love- to do them and i could never give it up. and yes, i could put down the knitting needles tomorrow and never knit again. i'm sure that will suprise some of you. i just consider myself the jack of all trades master of none.

i can:
work on cars, and i mean really work on cars... rebuild an engine? no prob. tune up? easy cheezy. brakes? no biggy. fix a dent? when do you need it done by?

kick your ass. seriously. i may look like some big fluffy teddy bear but most of me is muscle. don't go testing me now though...

paint. i'm actually pretty good at landscapes. i like to paint where you have to make your eyes all fuzzy to see what it is.

draw. horses kick ass.

fix staplers

untangle knots

expert christmas lite (i didn't mis spell this word, look on the box) string repairer

(there are more but i'll stop now so not to bore you)


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