Monday, October 03, 2005

weekend update with extra poopy bits

muscles are a little achey today, after this weekend i thought there was a good chance i wouldn't be able to lift my arms at all.


thought that i would get up early and make a start on the house. boy was that a mistake. i didn't get home until 2am on friday so i got up around noon. went to lowes and spent $500 on house paint, brushes, drop cloths, sand paper, tape and house wash (who knew?). 'there is no use in doing something unless it's last minute' is the motto of my dad. so october 1, we start painting the house. when we are done, i say we only because it seems that my dad is going to help. i haven't asked anyone else to help other than george but i guess it was more important to clean the house this weekend (cleaning house meaning moving my shit from one room to another) than to help paint the cracking peeling exterior. someone needs their priorities re-arranged by getting a punch in the nose. aaaaaanyway... i got done washing the house around 5 pm. went inside to warm up and knit for a little while. one bee costume down, 1 to finish 1 to start.


got up at 8 dad shows up at 8:30 (of course the earlier of the 2 time options i gave him) at least i have my clothes on when he shows up. so we start on the front of the house (which he thinks is the worst, little does he know...) and sand, and sand and sand ect... finally he has me put some primer on the porch area. my first lick of paint on the house to turn it a decent color ie: not tan with dark green trim. oh! the house will be dark gray with white trim and red doors. that has been the master plan all summer but the funds haven't been there. after i prime the porch and the front door we walk around to survey the rest of the house, he then sees how bad the south side of the house is. he says that we don't have to take as much time with that side as no one will ever see it. i agree, after sanding and grinding for 4 hours on the front of the house i'm about done with that bullshit. dad then says i can paint the north side of the house, the only part with little or no peeling or cracked paint. so i get 3/4 of one side of the house painted. looks really cool!! i go to bed happy and sleep soundly having done my 1st hard day's labor since i left my warehouse job.

monday morning (aka mutha fucka):

get up early at 7, take shower, check on paint job. say it with me children... mutha fucka! evidently we didn't stop in time for the paint to be able to dry before it got too cold for it to dry or the dew got on it. i wanted to get upset but there wasn't time. went downstairs and got the paintbrush and tried to salvage what i could. i didn't think i could. the paint was very watered down and the primer that dad painted on the front wasn't quite dry when he painted the main color. on the side that i painted the paint had bubbled up in areas and i couldn't get it to stick back down and it looked like the paint just slid down the side of the house. end result: george says that it just looks like it needs another coat in the front and some touch up on the side. we'll see what i think in the morning.


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