Wednesday, November 23, 2005

happy turkey day!!

hey guys!! happy turkey day!! eat loads and go into a food coma.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

i'm putting off making my christmas list to tell you

that my email sucks total ass. can i now tell you how much hotmail sucks ass. it is now taking 3 to 4 days for me to get messages. for christ's sake boys and girls get your shit together. i seriously need a free permenant email address i can drag with me even if we change internet service at home i am close to changing to somewhere else just because i go on withdrawl if i don't have my email -on goddamned time-!!!

leave me a comment on who you use and how much spam you get (without inviting it in by signing up for a bunch of shit online that you know you shouldn't, yes i know you signed up for that mystery shopper shit that came up on a website somewhere.

shit shit shit

have i lost it?

**start tragic sad 'someone's dying music' from the movies**
really, has knitting finally hit it's height with me? last night, while working on the broadripple socks for my grandmother i hit this wall. not only did i not want to finish the sock, or the scarf in my bag or the skinny clapotis i'm working on, i didn't want to start anything new. i'm now looking at things and saying to myself 'that doesn’t look hard at all'. maybe i'm getting too big for my britches. maybe it's just today. maybe i need to just start rogue just to get my brain a little exercise.

Monday, November 21, 2005

weekend in review

i wish i could take a picture of this really cool sock i'm knitting to show you how it's turning out but i can't. the camera dosn't have batteries and the printer still isn't installed on the torn apart computer. right now i am millimeters from just getting myself a mac laptop and telling george to never ever ever touch it, cause if he does i will then learn to have it electrocute him upon contact. yes, i would take a picture of that too.

i did have a reasonably good weekend seeing as how i was stuck at my parents house without a car. i drove george and i up to my parents house on saturday morning at about 2am (when i got home from knitting) . george left on saturday about 11:30 after dad made sure my car wasn't going to fall apart from the weird noise it was making (which turns out that the idiots at les schwab didn't tighten my lug nuts when i went in to have a flat repaired and one is now missing(the car was going tok-a tok-a tok-a when i slowed way down (yes that is the acutal noise (and dad did say 'quit kicking my nuts' when i accidentally tripped over the lug nuts, that was really funny!)))). my husband told me he was going shopping for my christmas present. i thought that he would be back saturday night for dinner. he didn't come back untill sunday evening. turd. i thought we were actually going to spend some time together this weekend. silly me. but he did stub his little toe in the basement and i'm pretty sure it's broken (karma wins again). i did get a haircut at aunt carolyns on saturday out of it though. when it gets longer i will like it more.

today i get free lunch from kristi at deans and homer, hopefully she likes garlic so we can go to the medeteranian kitchen here in bellevue.

Saturday, November 19, 2005


can i just tell you all how much i love my knitting friends.

this much:


seriously now, you guys are awesome. and you think i'm only a little crazy.

Monday, November 14, 2005

high low

holy crap, it's totally not even thanksgiving and we bought christmas presents for the englanders. leanne will be totally stoked. don't tell her but we spent a total of not more than $15 on her and she's getting two huge bratz ummm 'locations' one is a punk hang out diner type deal and one is an ice skating rink (how fricking cool!!). oh, leanne is george neice, she's 8. we only have to get something for katie (who is 12) and george's brother michael (he's 35, thought i might as well as long as we are doing ages). sharon (the girls' mom) is getting a hot fireman poster and the mom-and-dad-in-law (woohoo for hyphens) are getting a seattle city scape on a peice of glass from some seattle artist. and got something for 2 somethings that will remain nameless.

also got some prezzies for the dogs, i found dog bowls at target (yes the sucky one in everett) which were a whole whopping $1 a peice that say good dog, i picked up 2 red and one black. also found some tree ornaments for photos of the dogs, thought we may as well document how gray bubba has gotten since he was adopted (he's starting to get gray around his tail eeek!!).

there were plans to post some very cute pictures of the beaglers but then i found out that the husband hasn't installed the printer (which has the card reader for the camera in it). the beaglefest photos are still on there too.

can't think of anything else.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


please click here and follow the link to the howloween pictures, bumble bubba was caught sniffing the rocks. i'm sure that at one point in time i will have the photos in my camera up here and the short video clip from komo 4 news.


also if you could, a few dollars to help pay for bucky's vet bills would be really cool. his story is on the main page of the link above.
it was so cold when i left knitting last night that in between the 200 yards from starbucks to safeway my nose froze, and then the 200 yards from safeway to my car it froze again. you would think that having such a tiny nose as i do it would not get frozen quickly because it's so close to my face, wrong-o buck-o. we were tossed out of our regular spot at el diablo's as the book club can evidently reserve the upstairs area but we can't. thus the 2 block walk to starbucks.

today is the day that i win my new beetle in a raffle. i bought some raffle tickets from my boss for the fund raiser he is involved in with the bellevue breakfast rotary club. it's a red 2005 new beetle convertible. i bet you i could trade someone straight across for a 02-04 turbo s. they will pull my ticket at 1:30. don't call because i will be freaking out, and then picking up my car to freeze my ass off with the top down running around washington just because i can.

then, alicia, you may have the honda. looks shitty, drives great. gets 47 mpg when the oil is low (we may never know why). heater works great.

Monday, November 07, 2005

costco guy fawkes (pronounced fox for you americans)

i spent $150 at costco, had to renew my membership.

went up to the parents house this weekend and celebrated bonfire night! was pretty good except we had to have the bonfire in the fireplace and had to have a mini guy fawkes to toss on the fire. ended up just eating chilli and making cheater smores. i now know why people like those so much, i just could never get the hang of balancing the chocolate on the grahm cracker and then getting the marshmallow on there and holding it all when i was taking a bite. this year we got those french schoolboy cookies with the chocolate allready on them and just tossed our nicely toasted marshmallows on the cookies, melted the chocolate and mmmm yummy!!

that was my weekend, how was yours?

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

funk of funks

ugh, today i'm in a funk. i know it will be better tomorrow, hopefully. my funks don't last too long. honestly, since the drama happened i thought i was all funked out. i do get to go to costco with tom tonight and do some serious 'shopping' i think that sausages are on my list. i still can't get out of that place for less than $100.00

dear god no!

wonder how long it will take this to make it to the u.s. those UK folk sure know how to gross me out.