Monday, November 14, 2005

high low

holy crap, it's totally not even thanksgiving and we bought christmas presents for the englanders. leanne will be totally stoked. don't tell her but we spent a total of not more than $15 on her and she's getting two huge bratz ummm 'locations' one is a punk hang out diner type deal and one is an ice skating rink (how fricking cool!!). oh, leanne is george neice, she's 8. we only have to get something for katie (who is 12) and george's brother michael (he's 35, thought i might as well as long as we are doing ages). sharon (the girls' mom) is getting a hot fireman poster and the mom-and-dad-in-law (woohoo for hyphens) are getting a seattle city scape on a peice of glass from some seattle artist. and got something for 2 somethings that will remain nameless.

also got some prezzies for the dogs, i found dog bowls at target (yes the sucky one in everett) which were a whole whopping $1 a peice that say good dog, i picked up 2 red and one black. also found some tree ornaments for photos of the dogs, thought we may as well document how gray bubba has gotten since he was adopted (he's starting to get gray around his tail eeek!!).

there were plans to post some very cute pictures of the beaglers but then i found out that the husband hasn't installed the printer (which has the card reader for the camera in it). the beaglefest photos are still on there too.

can't think of anything else.


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