Tuesday, November 08, 2005

it was so cold when i left knitting last night that in between the 200 yards from starbucks to safeway my nose froze, and then the 200 yards from safeway to my car it froze again. you would think that having such a tiny nose as i do it would not get frozen quickly because it's so close to my face, wrong-o buck-o. we were tossed out of our regular spot at el diablo's as the book club can evidently reserve the upstairs area but we can't. thus the 2 block walk to starbucks.

today is the day that i win my new beetle in a raffle. i bought some raffle tickets from my boss for the fund raiser he is involved in with the bellevue breakfast rotary club. it's a red 2005 new beetle convertible. i bet you i could trade someone straight across for a 02-04 turbo s. they will pull my ticket at 1:30. don't call because i will be freaking out, and then picking up my car to freeze my ass off with the top down running around washington just because i can.

then, alicia, you may have the honda. looks shitty, drives great. gets 47 mpg when the oil is low (we may never know why). heater works great.


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