Monday, November 21, 2005

weekend in review

i wish i could take a picture of this really cool sock i'm knitting to show you how it's turning out but i can't. the camera dosn't have batteries and the printer still isn't installed on the torn apart computer. right now i am millimeters from just getting myself a mac laptop and telling george to never ever ever touch it, cause if he does i will then learn to have it electrocute him upon contact. yes, i would take a picture of that too.

i did have a reasonably good weekend seeing as how i was stuck at my parents house without a car. i drove george and i up to my parents house on saturday morning at about 2am (when i got home from knitting) . george left on saturday about 11:30 after dad made sure my car wasn't going to fall apart from the weird noise it was making (which turns out that the idiots at les schwab didn't tighten my lug nuts when i went in to have a flat repaired and one is now missing(the car was going tok-a tok-a tok-a when i slowed way down (yes that is the acutal noise (and dad did say 'quit kicking my nuts' when i accidentally tripped over the lug nuts, that was really funny!)))). my husband told me he was going shopping for my christmas present. i thought that he would be back saturday night for dinner. he didn't come back untill sunday evening. turd. i thought we were actually going to spend some time together this weekend. silly me. but he did stub his little toe in the basement and i'm pretty sure it's broken (karma wins again). i did get a haircut at aunt carolyns on saturday out of it though. when it gets longer i will like it more.

today i get free lunch from kristi at deans and homer, hopefully she likes garlic so we can go to the medeteranian kitchen here in bellevue.


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