Thursday, December 29, 2005

christmas is not equal (i couln't find the math symbol on my keyboard) to my birthday

meaning that it was really cool. got some awesome jewelry from baldy (the husband) and from the parents, a home de-pot gift card from the state patrollman brother and an alarm clock to go with my nano from the math brother, math brothers girlfriend gave me a hair straigtener that isn't here yet and neice (my secret santa) gave me a gift certificate to a yarn store in bellingham. she is so smart. the inlaws (bless thier little hearts) gave me cash.... via ups..... can i just stop for a second and tell you how awesome it is to get cash that you totally weren't expecting from the ups man, really really makes you want to kiss him... i ran out bought 2 addi turbo circulars in 0 and 1 and yarn up the hoohaa (yes i still need more yarn) seems like i will be making yet annother clapotis when i'm done with the manos one. whats weird is that i am totally not a scarf wearer.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

one for you, one for me, 3 for the guy next door. cause i said so that's why!

congratulations to all of you who've visited and found out i'm fucking lazy when it comes to updating this blog.... hooray for you!

now, hooray for me! i got a free turkey from work today because my boss wrote some commercial policies. he also got a turkey (why is it that i really want to spell turkey turckey like it's some form of mutated chicken??) which he is going to smoke for 9 hours, no, not like a joint smoke, like in a smoker smoke. you just think that you're so funny....

just an update, so far with my bonus i've purchased 3 skeins of manos color #115 and am making yet annother clapotis, just not as gigantic as they are supposed to be. i'm allready bored out of my brains with it and i'm not even half way through. also i got knit, a personal handbook (it's just a note making book for knitting with graph paper, a needle size thingey and some other junk that's usefull) also got a knitting journal so photos of my projects get documented somewhere, i'll need to buy myself a manual camera so i will have some photos because the computer **dun dun dun da** still isn't fixed.....

Thursday, December 15, 2005


today, along with my paycheck, i got a..... wait for it......

christmas goddammned bonus!!!
(I like how the description of the size of this font is 'huge')

woo fucking hoooo!! **dance dance dance around the office**

presents for everyone!!!..... oh crap... i forgot for a second that i am a grown up and have to pay some bills.... shit.

p.s. your goddamned right i'm buying yarn with it beeotches....

Sunday, December 11, 2005

christmas tree hunting

george and i went christmas tree hunting yesterday. unfortunatley it wasn't as awesome of an experience as i would have liked...

the morning started out with george getting dressed in some nice clothes, i told him he had to change as we were going to go 'hunting' for our christmas tree this year. i told him that we were going to go out to the christmas tree farm that my family went to YEARS ago (last time we went i'm sure i was in the 6th grade) it wasn't as hard to find as i thought. the name had changed from the viking christmas tree farm to the 'outback' chrismas tree farm. hmmmmm... okay, i'll go with it.... the guy said that they had 20 acres of chrismas trees to choose from, awesome! picked up a saw and a knee cushin thing and got in the car to see the ummm what?!?! acres of trees?? the place that used to have trees when i last went there.... bare, i mean not even 1 tree... okay... we'll drive for a while and see if it gets any better... no, it dosn't, just trees full of sticker bushes.... and after allmost getting stuck on a 'road' we decided to head back to tamer tree farms. needless to say i was -really- dissapointed. so much so that i didn't even go in the lodge to write santa a letter... there goes one more childhood memory down the toilet....

we did end up going down the road to find some horrible grand firs (allmost every one had brown dead needles on the east side of them) we found a little one that was kind of sparse. george said we are going to get one here or just go back to town and get one so we cut down the tree drug it to the road. we put our tag on it and made our way to the cashier, which only took cash or checks. george went to the nearest gas station to get cash and the atm was broken, but the little coffee shop outside of the gas station had one stuck in the outside of it that worked. after he got back and we paid for the tree and then decided to go shopping for a while at the outlet mall then came home.

this morning i've been busy decorating the tree but i thought i'd take a break to tell you guys all about it. i'm sure you appreciated it...

Friday, December 09, 2005

only one??

oh dear god, i'm down to one project.... just a pair of socks.. what will i do??

i packed a random 1/4 skein of sock yarn and
2 skeins of cascade 220

what i'm going to do with it, who knows...

although i suspect i'll be branching out and creating annother secret project.

p.s. one day, i swear i will get some pictures on this thing again.

Monday, December 05, 2005

bullshit bullshit bullshit

i was recently gently reminded that i havn't updated my blog in forever.... yes, it's true, i'm a total slacker and procrastinator but it does run in the family so i choose to blame it on genetics.

currently i have 3 projects on needles and am contemplating adding a sweater to the mix. my choices are:

arisag (not archived on knitty yet, but it was the lace top on the main page)
tubey will have to alter the sleeves on this one due to my gargantuan guns (oo ra), either that or finally loose some godammned weight (at the most reducing arm size by 2 inches, not enough).... but that takes commitment, which i'm to lazy to even think about right now.

on the needles:
socks for grandma not even 1/4 finished
slippers for grandma almost done
secret project
maybe a scarf tonight if i get too bored although i do not need annother scarf.