Monday, December 05, 2005

bullshit bullshit bullshit

i was recently gently reminded that i havn't updated my blog in forever.... yes, it's true, i'm a total slacker and procrastinator but it does run in the family so i choose to blame it on genetics.

currently i have 3 projects on needles and am contemplating adding a sweater to the mix. my choices are:

arisag (not archived on knitty yet, but it was the lace top on the main page)
tubey will have to alter the sleeves on this one due to my gargantuan guns (oo ra), either that or finally loose some godammned weight (at the most reducing arm size by 2 inches, not enough).... but that takes commitment, which i'm to lazy to even think about right now.

on the needles:
socks for grandma not even 1/4 finished
slippers for grandma almost done
secret project
maybe a scarf tonight if i get too bored although i do not need annother scarf.


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