Thursday, December 29, 2005

christmas is not equal (i couln't find the math symbol on my keyboard) to my birthday

meaning that it was really cool. got some awesome jewelry from baldy (the husband) and from the parents, a home de-pot gift card from the state patrollman brother and an alarm clock to go with my nano from the math brother, math brothers girlfriend gave me a hair straigtener that isn't here yet and neice (my secret santa) gave me a gift certificate to a yarn store in bellingham. she is so smart. the inlaws (bless thier little hearts) gave me cash.... via ups..... can i just stop for a second and tell you how awesome it is to get cash that you totally weren't expecting from the ups man, really really makes you want to kiss him... i ran out bought 2 addi turbo circulars in 0 and 1 and yarn up the hoohaa (yes i still need more yarn) seems like i will be making yet annother clapotis when i'm done with the manos one. whats weird is that i am totally not a scarf wearer.


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